Hiatus: The Start

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Students, foes, lurkers, I am here to announce that Liberate One is now officially on hiatus. What does that mean? It means very few if any posts for a long while, and no comments. I need to focus on some other things that simply have greater priority than this blog. At some undefined point in the future, Liberate One may re-open. Continue reading

Read Me First: Some Ground Rules

Posted in The Rules on March 3, 2015 by Xajow

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “to speak of many things: of shoes—and ships—and sealing wax—of cabbages—and kings—and why the sea is boiling hot—and whether pigs have wings.” But before we get to other tomfoolery, I believe I need to set down some rules. Continue reading


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I have been told that my relationship status may be unclear. I am in a serious relationship with an amazing woman whom I do love. She is mine. And none else shall be. You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Remy on Taxes

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Without any ado, intertubes sensation Remy, on taxes: Continue reading

Libertarianism versus the Modern Pharisees, part 2

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In the previous post, I started talking about the ways libertarianism is often attacked for being immoral, un-Christian, and unfit for society. Some people want to argue that moral path, the Christian path is to claim authority over other people, to use the authority of government to place legal burdens on other people. My response was (and is) that no, that is not the moral and Christian way. It is not the example laid out for us in the Bible. Today, I will talk about the idea that libertarianism is self-centered and callous, and that for this reason it is immoral or un-Christian. Spoiler Alert: I don’t agree. Continue reading

Libertarianism versus the Modern Pharisees

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Libertarianism. If you listen to some people, they will tell you that word, libertarianism, means selfishness and callousness, that it signifies a shallow and childish ideology that cannot address the complex problems of the complex world in which we live. Only liberal ideas, conservative ideas, progressive ideas, et cetera, can address the real and complex problems of the world. And of course, so they claim, libertarianism therefore cannot be considered compatible with the moral teachings of Christianity. Their solution? Have government do something, and by do something they mean make their moral preferences into laws. This makes them, in my opinion, equivalent to the depiction of the Pharisees seen in the Gospels of the New Testament. Continue reading

Today, Something Different

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The situation has changed. How? I try not to spend much time on personal things here. So rather than try to explain something that was impossible has happened, I offer just these songs without further comment. Continue reading