Welcome to me.

If you don’t know this, I’m starting a blog. Oh dear, too cliché? Oh well.

Hello. You can call me Xajow (pronounced Za’-jow, because I say so). Or O Captain, my Captain. (More because I liked “The Dead Poets Society” than because I like Whitman. Or Lincoln, of whom I am not super fond, but that is a topic for a different blog post.) Or you can call me Sir.

Introductions are in order. ‘Cause I said so. That’s why.

I’m a man figuring things out. The world was a simple place back when I was in high school and an obedient little attendee of a charismatic/evangelical/”nondenominational” (Assemblies of God in all but name) church. And somewhere along the way I started asking questions. Then I started looking for answers. Damnitall, I haven’t got them all yet.

But perhaps that is too heavy a start.

I’m a graphic designer, trying to learn more skills. I am attending one of those all over the place universities that isn’t too expensive and has quarters rather than 50¢ pieces… I mean, rather than semesters. (Yes, I have a weird sense of humor. Don’t blame me. Blame Groucho, Harpo, Chico & Zeppo [yes, I said Zeppo too].) Of course, once I get that piece of paper that says “Bachelor’s Degree”, I have to start work on a getting a piece of paper that says “Master’s Degree” because, well, I want to make enough money to live on without eating ramen noodles and scaring little girls who wander past run down overpasses.

I suppose I ought to give you fair warning upfront that I’m libertarian. And that’s small ‘l’ libertarian in philosophy, not capital ‘L’ Libertarian member of the silly Libertarian Party. And yes, I do read Reason. You should too. And yes, I believe smaller government is better government. But you’ll learn all about that in later posts.

I’m a burgeoning Dominant. Yes, that means I am a man who likes to be in charge. (I can already hear the scramble to tell me how misogynist I am.) It does not mean I am a jerk. I try not to be a jerk. I believe I can be Dominant and nice at the same time. Well, most of the time anyway. No, I am not a part time Dominant, and no, I am not one of those guys who pretends to be in control while the woman controls everything with demands and safewords. And while I say I am a burgeoning Dominant, I’ve actually been one all my life, but only in the past few years have I come to grasp the reality of my nature. But again, more on that in later posts. And yes, actually, I do have a girl, and we are in love, and she knows full well she will one day get to beg me to give her a collar. And no, she doesn’t hate herself.

I am a Christian. I have not given up my faith. I have merely turned away from certain theology and dogma that seems to me to be Pharisaical. Yes, I do think Christianity is the right way, but no, I am not here to evangelize you. I will talk on religious matters from time to time, and may even wax theological on rare occasions, and I figured, you O reader, should be reasonably warned. (See, I am a nice guy.) And I think you’ll find I can get along just fine with atheists and Pagans and even people who like Perry Como.

That is me, in rough strokes. Let the melee commence. Laissez le bontemps rouler.

11 Responses to “Welcome to me.”

  1. Scarlett Says:

    Just stopping by to submit a comment. I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog. Uncanny, isn’t it, how things redirect themselves sometimes and you find that all roads do indeed lead back to Rome.

  2. missysubmits Says:

    Hello Sir.

    Pleased to make your acquaintance. I am a Libertarian as well. It has been my passion for economics which has made me realize that politics in its contemporary form is a cage. The two party system is nothing more than a distraction for the media to bait the common citizen with, while the powers that be manipulate this system for their benefit and at the expense of their own countrymen. I have jotted down a few of my thoughts on the banking system, the situation with Greece and the European Union, as well as the pros and cons of our current monetary system. If you would have an interest in reading those thoughts, they can be found here…



    Some might call me a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I am past trying to explain the obvious to those around me who don’t have the capacity to grasp such things. If you (the general you, not you-you) want to pierce the veil, just open a history book and read.

    I will be checking back and reading more. We have quite a few common interests.


  3. missysubmits Says:

    I also have a minor in Religious Studies along with my current English degree. I am 2/3 of the way through an Accounting degree as well. I enjoy talking about spirituality and theology. It is one of my favorite topics, but not one I can often engage people in, as they are generally plagued by dogmatism or apathy.


    • I am always glad to encounter a fellow libertarian. Welcome to my blog. Although I have been talking D/s things of late, there will be more political posts in the future. I’m too opinionated for there not to be.

      • missysubmits Says:

        I look forward to them–the political posts. There are few I can talk politics with because everyone feels they must speak from the left or the right. No one understand they are fully capable of stepping out of the two party dynamic. We all have the power to see the world for what it really is and not the fairytale rhetoric that is the commonly accepted mindset of today. It made me cynical for a time, but I have learned to accept it. And I do feel very much at home here, so thank you for the welcome. I think I may need to focus on writing more serious pieces myself.

  4. Sir,
    I just joined your blog here and, me being the infinitely curious person I am, I was wondering what your stance would be on a couple of questions I have. You have mentioned previously that your dominance was part of your nature and personality. Do you then think that men either are or aren’t dominant–a trait they can’t assume through practice? Also, on the flip side do you think submissives are naturally born that way or do you think it is a trait that can be learned. I may not be clear enough in my questions for that I apologize. Oh yeah, I should further state that I’m referring to 24/7 relationships. Thanks

  5. Introvertedvirgo Says:

    Hello can you help me I’m just new in this kind of relationship. That’s why I found this blog because I’m investigating too. But none of this can answer to all my questions. I’m really confuse. I met him last week and have real sex but we talk online for almost two months. He’s in china, I’m here in Hong Kong. Last week, he travel and we meet. My concern now is I want him again and I like what I did to him. We plan to meet again because he said I’m kinda rare. Most women at first will stop. I want him seriously and I want him to be pleasure.

    • My advice is to be careful. Consider whether you are getting into a relationship based on pleasure. If that is all it is, and if that is all you want, then you and he should be clear on that before you continue. If you want a deeper relationship, then you need to take the time to learn about what you want your role to be.

      • Introvertedvirgo Says:

        Is he normal? He told me that he is strictly hetero. He said he want a fair game. “if you do what you did to me i will do it to you also. He’s kind and free spirited french guy. I’m an asian. Hope you can enlighten me. And really afraid now by your advice “is to be careful”.

        • I have no idea if he is normal or not. I do not know him. When I say you should be careful, I mean do not rush into something before you know what it is. You say you have talked with this man for a couple of months now. You should have some idea what he is like. If you know yourself and you know him, then you can choose the correct path. If you trust the man and you like where the relationship is going, then stick with it. If you do not trust him, then figure out why. That will help lead you to what you should do.

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