Michael Moore Shows His Ignorance, Again

Among the more ridiculous and hubristic celebrities in the U.S. is Michael Moore. His “documentaries” are chock-a-block with factual errors and propaganda. And he apparently believes he has some sort of mainstream following. Anyway, recently he put up at his blog a post about what he did with the three million dollars he made from selling the distribution rights to his film “Roger & Me”. The first item on his list was to pay all of his taxes. How generous. And yes, I am being sarcastic. But here is what Moore claims:

I told the guy who did my 1040 not to declare any deductions other than the mortgage and to pay the full federal, state and city tax rate. I proudly contributed nearly 1 million dollars for the privilege of being a citizen of this great country.

It’s funny to me that he sees no problem giving a third of his income to the government. Makes me wonder if he still does. It would surprise me if he did. Still, it’s his money.

But then he says he contributed his money. Taxes are not contributed. Taxes are paid. The difference is not insignificant. A contribution implies the action is voluntary. Taxation may be many things, but it is not voluntary. Else it would not be called taxation but rather donation. That Moore does not know the difference is not surprising.

Citizenship is not a privilege for which one pays dues to the government. The USA is not a club or a fraternal organization. It is a nation. Once again, Moore seems to have trouble telling the difference.

But wait, it gets better. Among a lot of other silly self-back-patting comments he makes, Moore says this:

I do very well — and for a documentary filmmaker, I do extremely well. That, too, drives conservatives bonkers. “You’re rich because of capitalism!” they scream at me. Um, no. Didn’t you take Econ 101? Capitalism is a system, a pyramid scheme of sorts, that exploits the vast majority so that the few at the top can enrich themselves more. I make my money the old school, honest way by making things. [emphasis in the original]

Um, no, capitalism is not a pyramid scheme, which Michael Moore would have learned had he taken Econ 101. Capitalism is exactly how Moore made his money. He made three million dollars, by his own account, because he took something he privately owned, the film “Roger & Me”, and sold distribution rights to the privately owned (i.e. not government owned) corporation Warner Brothers. That is called capitalism. Individuals in the private sector making things and selling them in the private sector is capitalism. So yes, Michael Moore is wealthy precisely because of capitalism. That he does not understand this illustrates the extreme depth of his ignorance of things economic.

Why people continue to listen to a man who is so clearly full of himself and so obviously ignorant regarding the things about which he claims to speak with authority is something I do not understand. Even if one agrees with his political ideas, at some point one has to question what he says. How could you not? If one does not question people like Michael Moore, that is just as bad as never questioning the church or politicians or CEOs or anyone else claiming authority. The thing is, as soon as you start questioning the things Moore says, his arguments crumble to the ground.

But it doesn’t end there.

It is precisely this disconnect that prevents Republicans from understanding why anyone would give of their time or money to help out those less fortunate. It is simply something their brain cannot process.

Apparently Michael Moore thinks Republicans do not understand the concept of charity. Again, he shows his ignorance. His comment rests on the completely ignorant idea that Republicans are not charitable. Republicans have been shown to be, in general, just as if not more inclined to charitable giving than Democrats. But Moore does not just think Republicans are incapable of understanding charity, he believes that he, and those who agree with him, are morally superior to those who do not agree with him.

“Kanye West makes millions! What’s he doing at Occupy Wall Street?!” Exactly — he’s down there demanding that his taxes be raised. That, to a right-winger, is the definition of insanity. To everyone else, we are grateful that people like him stand up, even if and especially because it is against his own personal financial interest. It is specifically what that Bible those conservatives wave around demands of those who are well off.

And here he shows his ignorance of what the Bible teaches. The Bible does not demand that the wealthy pay more in taxes to the government. And more specifically, it does not demand that the wealthy attempt to use government to forcibly take money from other people. What the Bible says is that if you have a lot of money and/or possessions, then you have responsibility to give your money to help the poor and the widows and the orphans. Your money. Not other people’s money. Your money.

(Jesus’ teaching on taxes is probably not what Moore thinks it is. But I’ll say more about Jesus’ comments on taxes in another post.)

And no, Kanye West demanding his taxes be raised is not insane, it’s just stupid. No one is stopping him from giving the government more of his money. He can write the government as large a check as he wants. There is even a special account called “Gifts to the United States” to which West and Moore and George Soros and anyone else can send their money. Just send the money to

Gifts to the United States
U.S. Department of the Treasury
Credit Accounting Branch
3700 East-West Highway, Room 622D
Hyattsville, MD 20782

And yes, that is an actual address. You can find it at http://www.fms.treas.gov/faq/moretopics_gifts.html. For those not paying attention, that is a link to a U.S. Treasury web page. So, yes, it’s real.

The thing is, with a few minutes of thinking, reasoning and searching, ignorance of these things is easily discarded. So the question then is, why does Moore (and a whole lot of other people) not bother?

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  1. Thanks for this post. Haha it made my night. Anytime anybody can exploit Michael Moore I’ll love it. Michael Moore is an idiot. He doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. He’s a pompous ass! Thanks again for this great post.

    Al Davis

    • Thanks for the kind words. Moore is one of those folks who don’t let facts get in their way. Showing the holes in his arguments is almost too easy.

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