“We don’t run bake sales”

Back on Sunday (April 15, 2012), David Axelrod, the chief Obama presidential campaign strategist, was asked if the President would voluntarily give money to the U.S. Treasury in light of the fact that the President’s secretary paid a higher percentage tax rate than the President did. Let’s go the transcript.

WALLACE: It turns out that [President Obama] paid a tax rate of 20.5 percent, which is a lot less than the 30 percent he talks about and yes, it is lower than what his secretary pays.


WALLACE: And the president has — if I may, David, the question I have for you is: if the president feels so strongly about tax fairness, is he going to he contribute money to the Treasury and they have a special department just for this, to help with the deficit?

AXELROD: Listen, Chris, first of all, the reason that his tax rate was so low was in part because 22 percent of his income was donated to charity, mostly to these Fisher Houses around veteran hospitals. So —

WALLACE: Mitt Romney contributes a lot to charity as well. It’s not the issue.

AXELROD: That’s right. Not quite yes. But there’s no proportionality there. 

But here is the larger issue: the president’s proposal would have him pay a higher rate of taxes in the future. Governor Romney’s proposal would make him pay a lower rate in the future. So, that’s fundamentally different.

We are arguing for a system that is fair. He’s arguing for a system that would exacerbate the great gaps that we have in our system today.

WALLACE: I take it that he’s not going to contribute money to the Treasury to help with the deficit.

AXELROD: Listen, well, that’s not the way we operate our tax system, OK? We don’t run bake sales. It’s not about volunteerism. We all kick in according to the system. And the system allows that — look, the fact that Mitt Romney pays 14 percent on $20 million income is not the issue. The issue is that the system permits it and he would perpetuate that and he would enhance it.

Got that? The President is not going to voluntarily donate money to the Treasury because that just is not the way things are done. Wow. What a pathetic excuse. Maybe, just maybe, the President of the United States of America could show some leadership and donate some money? Why is that so crazy? But no, that just is not the way we do things around here, young man.

This is just one more piece of evidence that Obama and his team believe they are better than everyone else. They are guilty of hubris. Not crazy cool hubris like the Rat Pack, uncool tyrannical hubris that believes they deserve to tell you how to run your life. “It’s not about volunteerism.” It should not be a choice, the man is saying, but it should be a coerced action. This is why I do not believe these people give a flying leap about fairness. They want control, not fairness. 

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