“The Avengers”

I just got back from the midnight presentation of the new movie “The Avengers”. And I have a few things I would like to say.

First, to all those movie critics who wrote nasty reviews of the film I have to say, not a single one of you knew what you were talking about. Too much talking? Nope. Too noisy? Nope. Lack of character dimension? Nope. Bad writing? Nope. Whedon’s direction unable to craft a satisfying film? Nope. Pretty much, you negative movie critics were wrong on all counts. This movie is well written, well directed, and well executed. No, it ain’t “Citizen Kane”, but if you were expecting that, you’re an idiot.

Second, this movie is one of the best superhero films I have ever seen. I will put it right up there with “The Dark Knight”. While different in tone from that film, “The Avengers” is still excellent story telling. It is strong from start to finish. There is not a dull or wasted moment in the film. The humor in the movie is natural, rather than forced as some of the jokes in “Batman Begins” seemed to be. And the characters are all treated with respect. Which is the way superheros should be written. No one is the jokey sidekick. No one is there just for laughs, though most of the heroes get some laughs, including the Hulk. The characters are respected, as is the friction between them. There is plenty of fighting among them before they come together as a team.

Third, this movie is fun. The writing is sharp and the 143 minute length flies by. It does not slip by so fast that one is left confused (unless one is a movie critic who can’t handle superheros), yet it does not lag at any point. The story moves along at a good pace, and is quite entertaining through out.

Fourth, the set up for the next Avengers movie, true believers, will knock your socks off. It is awesome.

Fifth, hey cinema attendees, guess what. Even when you try to hide it, the light from your cell phone is still distracting. No, seriously, it is distracting and really quite annoying to the other people trying to watch the movie. So turn your phone off before the movie begins. You can turn it back on as you leave the theater.

Sixth, have I mentioned yet that “The Avengers” is a very good movie? Because it is. The audience cheered and laughed and clapped. And so did I. The movie genuinely is astonishingly good.

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