Memorial Day, 2012

Today is Memorial Day. It is not Veterans Day. I dislike when they are conflated.

Remember those who have died in war. Remember those who made a promise to serve in the military, and answered “yes” when the command to fight came, and then gave their life in that fight. Because that, no matter what you may think of the conflict itself, is honorable.

No, this is not going to be a long post of pro-America propaganda. This will be brief.

People join the military for various reasons. And we who are not in the military sometimes disagree with conflict into which soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are sent. But do not ever say those who died died for nothing. That is not true. They died because they had the honor to fulfill their promise to go. They died because they had someone else’s back. Even when a person’s death seems to make no sense, they did not die for nothing. They died in service to their fellow troops, in service to their country, in service to you and to me.

Remember them. Honor them. Give thanks for them. Save your politics for another day.

Today is Memorial Day.

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