Answering Some Questions – Non-Confrontational

I like answering questions, usually. Answering questions means, hopefully, communication is going on, and maybe some learning too. And maybe I am just arrogant enough to think my answers are worth something.

Anyway, over at a blog called In My Opinion, the author, Diane Owens, has committed to answering a question each day for a whole year. Not one question all year (which might be silly), but a different question each day, just to be clear. As I write this, she is on day 144. And in her post for this day, she posed ten questions for others. I decided I am going to answer her questions, one a day for ten days.

Question #1:
I am a non-confrontational person, even when someone is rude to me or gets aggressive with me. Is this a sign of weakness/do you see it as a weakness?

That depends on what you mean by non-confrontational. If you mean always avoiding confrontation at all costs, then yes. If you mean trying to have peace, then no.

Always avoiding confrontation is a state of fearfulness. That can make one a doormat whom people will bully and trample.

On the other hand, trying to have peace is a position of strength. It is turning the other cheek, which is to say, it is choosing the path of peace deliberately for the sake of peace, rather than a fearful retreat. Put another way, to strive for peace is to take a position, while to simply avoid confrontation is to take no position at all.

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