Answering Some Questions – Emotion

Day 3 of answering questions posed by Diane Owens.

Question #3
Which emotion is stronger, love or hate?  Why?

I believe which is stronger depends entirely on the individual. It is like the old two dogs or wolves story. Which one is stronger will depend on which one the person feeds the most.

As individuals we choose which emotions we feed. True, some emotions are felt as automatic reactions to things outside our control. But we can feed anger or resentment or envy and let these things fester into hate, or we can feed forgiveness and love and let them prevent hate.

Some people are, unfortunately, taught to hate. That kind of hate can be difficult to overcome. Even so, if the individual recognizes his hate and chooses to make the effort to overcome it, he can do so in time.

The version of the two dogs story that I heard first, in case you were wondering, goes something like this: There was a villager who had two dogs, a black one and a white one. Every week, he would bring his dogs to the village square to fight each other, and he took bets on which one would win. The dog owner always knew which one would win, and people wondered how he knew. Eventually he explained his secret. “Sometimes I will feed one and starve the other,” he said. “And the one I feed most will win.”

There are other versions of the story, and you can find them online.

Of course we can also, to a limited extent, feed these emotions in others. We can feed love in children or friends or subs or Doms. We do this by treating them with respect and kindness and love. That will take different forms with different people, but the principle is the same for all.

The point being, if you want love in you and around you, then you have to feed love in and around you. If you want love to overcome hate, then feed love and starve hate. Accept people as individuals. Avoid “us versus them” mentalities. Learn forgiveness. Give generously. When you feed love most, love will prevail.

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  1. Wonderful analogy!

  2. missysubmits Says:

    There is simple wisdom here…

    “But we can feed anger or resentment or envy and let these things fester into hate, or we can feed forgiveness and love and let them prevent hate.”

    Here is a posting of my own story about overcoming feelings of anger that turned to hate, if you would like to read it. I prayed for forgiveness to rid myself of this hate and was brought on a journey with it that helped to not only feel forgiveness, but real love for this person. It is one of the better pieces I have written and is quite moving.

    I have written on this topic as well–

    “Your thoughts and words are energy that in time add to the vibrational hum of the universe around you. If all you think about is negative things, then you are creating around you the negative universe that started in your head. Negative thinking that owns you is like pouring poison on your life and in your heart. If you focus on positive things, the things you want to make happen, the people you love, then you are creating a universe around you based on that. I have seen it and experienced it time and time again….You do have free will. You are free to think and want and say anything that pleases you and that alone is enough to will it into happening…If our thoughts and words create the microcosms that we live in, then what is prayer but an effort to shape that world in the ways that we want.”

    Here is a link to that post as well if you would like to read the rest, although I pasted in a good deal of it here. The original post sums up my thoughts on God and prayer, which you may or may not agree with (controversial topic), but I have wanted to share them with you nonetheless.

    I like that you are a Dom, a libertarian, and a Christian. Not that it matters to me if you are Christian or Buddhist or any other religion or even an atheist, but I have a genuine interest in the religions of the world, sacred texts, and higher spiritual truths. Meeting someone that also identifies strongly with these three things–it’s like seeing a kindred spirit in a sea of mostly black.

    • Thank you for sharing that and for the kind words.

      Being a Dominant, a libertarian and a Christian is a little odd at times. I believe being libertarian and Christian fit together nicely, but being a Dominant also is something I am still working out.

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