Answering Some Questions – Threat

Day 8 of answering questions posed by Diane Owens.

Question #8
Have you ever felt threatened on any scale? How did you handle it?

There was the time I was working at a gas station, and a man came in to rob the place. Something gun shaped was under a washcloth. The man pointed that at me, told me to give him the money, and I gave him the money in the till. I handled it pretty calmly. I called the police as soon as he left. A few weeks later I was sitting in a courtroom. The guy plead guilty. I went home.

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  1. missysubmits Says:

    That was the least emotional feeling of being threatened I have ever read.

    I also was subject to a robbery at work. I was a waitress in a very busy club on Bourbon Street called the Cat’s Meow. This was a long time ago. The manager’s office was upstairs. The building was shaped with a huge open area in the middle, so that if you were upstairs, you could lean against the railing and watch the people in the open area downstairs. There were two french doors leading into the office. I went up there to trade out some bills, so I could make change for the customers. When I went up there one of the doors was open, but the other one was shut. I walked into the doorway before really focusing on the room itself. There was one lone person in there who I did not recognize. He had a bag and was standing in front of the wall safe, emptying it. I stood there and watched him, mesmerized, and unable to move. It did not take him long to finish loading his bag and then he turned to move. I was still frozen where I stood. He walked the five feet to me that formally separated us and stared into my eyes without a word. I snapped out of it. I heard myself say to him, “I believe you have the right of way.” I then stepped aside and he moved past me, before running down the stairs, and disappearing into the crowd.

    I stood there for a few seconds and just let myself feel my heart pounding in my ears and chest. I went downstairs and told the assistant manager on duty what happened. I saw the man leaving the club and headed towards the busier parts of Bourbon. I pointed out the direction he went in to the assistant manager. The assistant manager ran outside as if to catch the guy and I followed him. After a brief sprint, the assistant manager turned to me and said, “What are you doing? Go back to the club. ” I said to him, “You don’t know what he looks like. You need me to identify him.” The manager who was very large and tall, built like a linebacker, looked down at me and gave me this befuddled look when he could not think of something to say back to me that would shut down my last statement. I knew then, this is an inside job. I turned around without another word and walked back into the club, so I could make my money and go home.

    • Someone holding a gun (or what looked like it could be gun) to basically threaten my life was the most threatening thing that has happened to me. But it happened some years ago. Obviously, I am not threatened by it now.

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