Some Words About Me

Recently, in a discussion here, I got accused of “politico double speak” and refusing “to commit to a Yes or No.” So I guess I better ’splain.

I am kind of a jerk. Well, not kind of. I am a jerk. I think too much, and I do not go along with stuff the way other people do. And this, I have had explained to me, means that I am a jerk.

I am trying not to be. I am trying to be better. I do not know that I am making much progress from the look of things. But I am trying. (Very trying. Ba dum chish!)

Also, I do not always respond tolerantly to other people’s ideas. I try to. But sometimes I do not. I am open to new ideas and to other people’s perspectives. But I am also opinionated, and sometimes those things clash.

And I am too direct. I was once asked to proofread a college paper for someone I barely knew, and when I was done pointing out the problems with the writing in the paper, the person never spoke to me again. Hey now, it’s not that funny.

So this post is my apology—past, present and future— for being a jerk. No really, this is about as good as it gets.

I am trying to be better. But it is a slow process. So try not to hold it against me too much.

8 Responses to “Some Words About Me”

  1. Don’t read anything into my clicking “Like” 😀

    I enjoy our banter. Odds are we will disagree on a lot, but so what?

  2. Dominatur Says:

    You not a jerk they are just sensitive little pansies. Keep telling it like it is and if they don’t like it they don’t have to read it.

    • Heh. I am trying to find the balance between telling it like it is and being more friendly and engaging. But thanks for the encouragement.

      • thedreamingsub Says:

        Xajow meet my husband. Husband meet Xajow. I do not find you to be a jerk but I am a libertarian so similar mindset I guess. He is one as well. Not card-carrying, but in the heart where it counts. The problem with being libertarian is you generally will offend both sides equally. They are secretly suspicious that you are on the other team and not owning it. I find you practical, but hey, I offend my share of people as well. What do I know?

  3. It is likely due to your political leanings. What seems completely obvious to you will offend sheep. Good luck.

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