“not a princess”

Among ana’s musings at her my virtual submission blog is a post about this e-card:

freaking Queen e-card

I am sure some people actually believe this.

What follows is directed at the author of the card, not at ana.

– – – – –

Um, no.

And by that I mean, no, you are not a queen or even a capital ‘Q’ Queen, and yes, you do need saving, and no, you don’t got this shit handled.

Even the one woman currently with the privilege to call herself Queen with a capital ‘Q’ has needed saving. Watch the movie if you don’t believe me.

Unless you are Queen Elizabeth II or a great 1970s and 80s rock band led by Freddie Mercury, no, you are not a Queen.

And if you think you got this shit handled, you are only lying to yourself. Going by the card alone, your typesetting skills are practically non-existent.

What you very likely need is a good, solid spanking with a good, solid wooden spoon; followed by by a serious flogging until my arm gets tired. (And that takes a while.)

– – – – –

Yes, I feel better now. Thanks for asking.

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  1. thedreamingsub Says:

    Wooden spoons. Ouch. I was raised on one. Yeah, we all need saving. Mainly from ourselves.

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