Story Time – A Man and His Submissive – Prologue

The moment for which you have been waiting is now here. Without further ado, the prologue of the story.

– – – – –

He sat on a large, leather covered recliner. She sat on the floor at his feet. She felt the texture of thick denim beneath her cheek. She was leaning against his leg. He was wearing a dark, mud brown dress shirt, black jeans and tactical boots. She wore pink panties and a white T-shirt with the word owned printed on it. The word owned was stretched snugly over her breasts.

They were watching a news and opinion program on television. When the pundits on the program said things he did not like, he would not hesitate to say so outloud. She would smile as she listened to him talk. She liked hearing his thoughts. She liked hearing him speak loudly. For reasons she could not pin down, it made her feel safe.

He shook his head at people who could not see or hear him. He sighed and then petted her hair. He liked the sensation of the softness of her hair against his hand. Her hair felt like silk. He leaned down to smell her pale, strawberry blonde tresses. Her hair smelled of peaches and cream. He smiled. “You’re lovely,” he whispered. He petted her hair once more and turned his attention back to the television.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said softly. She grinned and squeezed his leg. She looked up at him. His features were ordinary, but he was handsome to her. She wanted to reach up and run her fingers through his dark brown hair. He wanted to lean her head against his neck and feel his lean, strong arms hold her. But she waited at his feet. Her gaze traveled back down his form, and stopped at his crotch. Unconsciously, her tongue wet her lips.

He felt her start to nuzzle his knee. He smiled. This was her silent way of asking to be in his lap. He let her continue. He enjoyed her sitting at his feet and silently asking for permission. This kind of moment felt satisfying to him. He looked down at her head and stroked her hair. He was glad she was his. He watched her gently rub her cheek against the leg of his jeans. He was reminded of the way she sometimes rubbed her face against his cock. She was such a sensual being. He grinned and patted his lap.

“Thank you, Sir,” she said as she climbed onto his lap. She did not stand up. With a grin on her face, she climbed up the chair to his lap. She sat with her knees over the arm of the recliner and her side against his strong chest. She leaned her head to his shoulder and closed her eyes. She inhaled his scent, and she felt whole. She felt his arms embrace her abdomen. “Thank you, Daddy,” she whispered.

The scent of her hair filled up his nostrils. He squeezed her in a gentle hug and then reached up with his left hand began to comb his fingers idly through her hair. He heard her moan so very faintly. He liked when she did that. He returned to watching the news and opinion show on television while his fingers slowly and repeatedly combed through her hair. But while he did not look at her, he was acutely aware of her closeness. He could smell the scent of her shampoo and her body soap. He could feel her body heat seeping through their shirts. And he could feel the pressure of her body as his cock stiffened beneath her.

She enjoyed the quiet moment. Voices still came from the television, but he had stopped talking. He was gently playing with her hair. His arm gently held her waist. She could smell his flesh. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. She smelled the remnants of sweat and body soap on his skin. She imagined herself enveloped by his scent, his presence, his aura. She felt wrapped up by him. She felt owned. She felt safe. She kissed his neck softly. She placed her hand on his chest.

He smiled when he felt her lips touch his neck. Beneath the fabric of his jeans, his cock was stiff. Every gentle motion she made seemed to arouse him. He knew she was not doing it consciously. She was simply being herself. Which made her all the sexier. The hand that had been combing through her soft tresses now grabbed a handful of her hair. He smirked when he heard her gasp.

The sudden pull of his hand gripping her hair sent a warm shiver through her body. She turned her eyes to his face. He was still watching the television. He was smiling, but she could not read his smile. She could not tell what he might have in mind. She wondered if she would ever be able to tell.

He was quiet now as he watched the news and opinion program continue. He held her hair in a tight grip but he was careful not to pull on it. He was not quiet because he no longer had something to say in response to the opinions given on the television. He was quiet now because he was also listening to her breathe. Her breaths had sped up ever-so-slightly when he grabbed her hair. There was a silent anticipation to her breathing now. He enjoyed that.

She waited for whatever he might do next. Minutes passed slowly, but she did not move or speak a word. She watched his face and his inscrutable smile. It was exciting her for reasons she did not understand. She was waiting for him to do something, anything. What ever it might be, it would be an expression of his control over her. And deep inside herself, she yearned for that.

When the television show finally broke for a commercial, he finally turned his full attention to her. His dark brown eyes looked at the pale olive green of hers. He grinned when her eyes widened and she gasped. He said nothing as his hand gripping her hair slowly forced her to lean her head back. He leaned down and began to roughly nibble on her exposed neck. At the same time, his other hand grabbed her breast and squeezed.

She gasped when he looked at her because his gaze was intense. He stared into her eyes as if he could read her deepest secrets there. And then suddenly his lips and teeth were caressing and pinching the skin of her neck, and his hand was squeezing her breast. She could not stop herself from pressing her neck to his mouth and her chest to his hand. Her own hands found his back and slid up to his head. She pressed his head to her neck even as his mouth sent shivers down through her flesh to her warming crotch.

He enjoyed the taste of her skin. His hand felt the sensation of her nipple stiffening under the thin fabric of her shirt. He reveled in the sound of her faster breathing and whimpering. Nothing was more of an aphrodisiac than her whimpers and sighs and moans and groans of pleasure. He pressed his teeth to her neck and sucked gently on her flesh.

She whimpered loudly. His mouth caused pain and pleasure at her neck. She squeezed her thighs together. She leaned her head back as far as she could. She wanted her neck as exposed and accessible to his mouth as possible. Her nipples were hardening, and she knew soon they would be toys to his fingers. She moaned softly.

He explored her neck slowly. He nibbled and kissed along the line and curve of her neck, deliberately trying to make her sigh and shiver. His hand finally left her hair, and slid down to support her back. His strong fingers squeezed her breast tightly before sliding swiftly down her abdomen. He lifted his mouth from her neck while he pulled her shirt up to expose her breasts.

She felt his hands move, and as soon as his grabbed the bottom of her shirt, she too grabbed it and began to pull it up. Eagerly she pulled it up over her chest and past her head and over her arms. The shirt was thrown behind her and forgotten for the moment.

He leaned his head down and pushed her torso up so he could taste her breasts. He began to roughly nibble her chest as he had her neck. He held her spine with one hand, and the other hand returned to the exquisite sensation of holding her breast. As he bit the side of one breast, he pinched the nipple of the other, and was rewarded with a loud, breathy gasp.

She gasped when the sharp pain of her nipple crushed between his finger and thumb sent a jolt of erotic pleasure through her. She began to squirm. Her hands were holding his head to her chest, but now a warm, wet ache was starting to fill her crotch. That he could so easily arouse her seemed like it should be impossible. But it was happening. And with each second the feeling became more and more intense. “No,” she whispered. “No, no, no.”

He lifted his head. “Something wrong?”

She felt a sudden desperation. She could not bear the aching need, but she did not want him to stop. “No. Please, I… please…” She could not think straight. She needed him to decide, but she could not find the words to speak.

“I know,” he said gently. “Shh. I know.” He smiled at her and lowered his head to her chest. He pinched one of her nipples and began to slowly lick the other. He felt her squirming. He listened to the delicious sounds of her whimpering and gasping.

Her arousal felt too intense. Surely she would cum just from this attention to her breasts. Yet she did not cum. Her arousal continued to climb. She felt his tongue lick one nipple and then the other. He sucked gently on one nipple and then the other. Back and forth his mouth moved. She could not seem to move her hands from his head. But her wet sex needed attention. “Please,” she whimpered. “Please, please, please.”

He was already moving his hand slowly down her torso. His fingers pressed to her skin as he felt her ribcage give way to her abdomen. He lifted his head from her chest just long enough to say, “Shh, now. I know, pet. I know.” His hand slowly moved over her flesh toward her panties.

– – – – –

So tell me what you think. And since no one but me proofread this, please point out any obvious grammatical and/or spelling  mistakes. And if it is terrible, just tell me so. I can take it.

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  1. I am already seeing mistakes. Why did I not see them before? I do not know.

  2. thedreamingsub Says:

    It’s very good. I like this part.

    “She felt a sudden desperation. She could not bear the aching need, but she did not want him to stop. “No. Please, I… please…” She could not think straight. She needed him to decide, but she could not find the words to speak.”

    I feel that way often.

  3. I found nothing wrong except to be incredibly arousing…

  4. sexysubsarah Says:

    Loved this!!!!

  5. Speaking of not being able to *think* straight.

    Who cares about grammatical errors (ahem… respectfully)… it’s beyond reproach.



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