Does This Qualify as a Milestone?

This post is number 100 at my blog. I may get the hang of this eventually.

So what can I do for my hundredth post? Hm. Let’s see…

Here, in no particular order, is some cool music I like.

Here is Ecclesiastes 7:15–18 from a version that I compiled from multiple sources:

I have considered everything in the days of my hevel. There is a just person who perishes in his righteousness, and an ungodly person who lives on in his wickedness. 16Do not be exceedingly righteous, or make yourself over-wise: why should you stupefy yourself? 17Do not be overmuch wicked, and neither should you be foolish: why should you be killed before your time? 18Good is that you take hold of the one and from the other not remove your hand; for the one who fears God will come out from between them all.

Hevel, in case you were wondering, is a Hebrew word that can mean: emptiness, nothing, foolishness, vapor, breath, impermanence.

Hm. Let’s see, what else. How about a little song and dance…

And just so you do not think I have forgotten what you came here for, here are few links to some (NSFW) bondage images I like:

Hm. What else can I cram in here for fun? How about a rough cut of a scene coming up (eventually) in my story? Would you like that? Okay.

– – – – –

“No!” she said with some desperation. Not that she wanted him to stop, but her mind was insistent that this should not be happening.

“Ten,” he said, ignoring her protest.

“No, no, no,” she said. But already her body was doing exactly what he wanted. She only had to put the phone down. She could end the call and make it all stop. But she kept holding the phone to her ear. “Please, no.”


She wondered if she was losing her mind. She was standing in her kitchen, alone and fully clothed. But a man’s voice over her phone was making her aroused.


“God, no, please. This cannot be happening.”

“But it is, and you cannot stop it. You know you can’t. You are mine. Seven.”

“Yes, but I don’t understand.”

“Your understanding, pet, is not required. You are mine. You submit to me. Six.”

She moaned. She squeezed her legs together, but that only seemed to make the heat in her crotch more intense. “No, no, no,” she said weakly.


“Oh God, please…” Please what? She did not know. She wanted him to stop. But by now, she needed him to keep going. How could he be doing this with just his voice?


Her legs felt weak. She used her shoulder to hold the phone to her ear, so her fingers could clumsily unzip her jeans.


“Uhn!” She sunk down to her knees and felt her panties. The garment was wet and the sensation of her fingers rubbing against her warm pussy made her shudder.


“Please, ohgod, please, I need to cum.” Her fingers slipped under her panties and into her wet sex. But she could not make it happen. She could not cum yet.

Silence from him.

“Please, Sir, Master, anything you want, please, make me cum!”


– – – – –

So there it is. My one hundredth post. Crazy. Here’s to the next one hundred. Be good, chillens.

7 Responses to “Does This Qualify as a Milestone?”

  1. thedreamingsub Says:

    Yes. Most definitely a milestone.

  2. MaríMar Says:

    Congratulations! Love the music, the images and best of all the little tidbit of that story. Thank you!

  3. Most impressed with the musical tastes!

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