Performance Advice for Submissives

Okay, so you’re a submissive, and you are wondering what you can do to please your Dominant. In a word, practice. When you find something you do is something that pleases your Dominant, practice it.

This could apply to almost anything you do as a submissive. Whether it is cleaning or cooking or bringing him beer or kneeling or any number of other things. If your Dominant likes you in a particular kneeling position (yes, novices, there is more than one), then take time to practice doing it just as he likes it. Yes, it may seem silly at first to practice a kneeling position, but the more you do it, the more comfortable you will be doing it for your Dominant, and that will show when you do it for him. And the more you practice it, and practice getting into the position, the more graceful and attractive you will be in it.

If your Dominant likes a thing cleaned a particular way, practice cleaning the thing in that way. Even when it may not need cleaning.

If your dominant likes a drink presented a certain way, practice doing it. How might you practice fixing him, for example, a martini? Obviously, fixing a lot of actual martinis could be wasteful. However, you can use water and old bottles to practice the measuring and the methods of making the drink.

Perhaps your Dominant wants the house vacuumed a certain way. But you do not want to waste energy. You can still practice by moving the vacuum cleaner through the motions that will, when actually cleaning with the vacuum, achieve the results your Dominant wants.

But the thing your Dominant likes may be a walk or as simple as a single motion. When you become aware of that, practice it. Practice it so that it becomes natural for you.

Your practice will not only help please your Dominant with your actions, but also with your willingness to improve yourself to please him. So do not just practice a few things. Look for things to practice and ways to incorporate practice of various things into your daily and weekly routine.

Yes, that is right, you still need to think. Being a submissive is not about being mindless or controlled like a puppet. You need to think about ways to better serve your Dominant. One of those ways is through practice. There maybe certain things your Dominant tells you to practice. There will be rules and perhaps even a schedule you have to follow. But remember, the commands and rules are not there to box you in. They are there the channel you toward being better. That includes your creativity.

“Oh,” you say, “but I am not creative.” Yes, you are. No one is saying you have to be a great artist. Or even the most inventive of submissives. But you have a mind and an imagination. Use them to serve your Dom. Use them to look for ways to serve. Look for ways that your Dominant may not expect. He might say he does not like it. Then again, he might like it it lot. You will not know until you try it.

Speaking personally, when a submissive finds a way to please me in a manner I did not expect, I am all the more pleased by the thought and effort of it.

If you are new to D/s, you may think you are too inexperienced for this. Maybe you are. But you will learn in time. Relax. Breathe. You do not have to be an expert submissive all at once. You can do this. It is like the old joke. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Improving yourself through submission is a journey. You take it one step at a time. Little by little, you will improve. And practice will help you get there. (And you wondered how I was going to bring this all together, didn’t you?)

Novice or experienced submissive, you will benefit from practice. Even if it did nothing else, practice will show your Dominant your desire to be pleasing to him. And we Dominants like to see that. Even if we do not always say so.

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  1. Sir and i were just discussing this last night. thank you so much for these thoughts.

  2. Lilly Starr Says:

    I have had a Dom for about 4 months. The journey has been magical. Tho nervous at first, I’m slipping into it like butter. Your advice helps a lot. I now know what it means to feel that someone else’s happiness, makes me happy. I have a mental block at times wondering if I am creative enough but as you said, breath.. My Dom has no problem telling me what pleases him and what doesn’t. Being a fiercely independent woman and ruling my own world for so many years, I have discovered that I must remind myself tht this is a journey. In return, I am living my true life . I will practice practice practice. Thank you so much!

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