A Dream of Lust (Not at All Safe for Work)

No, seriously, this is not safe for work.

I walk into her office.

She smiles and looks confused.

I look at her lustily.

“You know why I am here,” I say.

She shakes her head.

“No,” she says, “not here.”

“Tsk, tsk,” I say. “You are mine.”

“Yes, Sir, but—”

“You are mine always. You are mine everywhere.”

“Yes, Sir, but—”

“You are mine.”

“Yes, Sir, but—”

“Shut up.”

She nods silently.

She looks worried.

I lock the door.

She remains sitting at her desk.

She breathing has sped up, and I wonder if she has noticed it.

I walk over to her and grab her by her hair.

She gasps but is almost instantly on her knees.

“Please, Sir,” she says “I—”

“I did not give you permission to speak.”

She nods.

I release her hair long enough to unfasten my pants.

I see her stare and lick her lips.

I push down garments that cover my crotch.

She whimpers.

With my hands I pull her hair into pigtails.

“Wait,” she says. “Ma—”

Her word is cut short by the stiff flesh I push into her mouth.

She is not allowed to pull away.

My hands hold her hair.

Blood flows to my cock.

Her mouth slurps and sucks.

My hips move back and forth.

I feel my lust get stronger.

But I smile and pull back from her before get too lost in my sensations.

She looks up at me, a confusion of lust and worry on her face.

I grab a large handful of hair at the back of her head.

I pull her around her desk to the front of it.

I pull her up to lean her over the desk.

She is gasping and trembling.

I unzip her skirt.

“O God,” she whispers.

I wonder if she knows I heard her.

The skirt comes down her legs.

There is a small damp stain on her pink lace panties.

I touch the stain.

She whimpers.

Her hips move back ever-so-slightly.

I rub the growing, slick, wet stain.

She moans.

She bites her lip.

I grab the elastic band of the panties and angrily rip the garment from her body.

“O God,” she whispers.

I lift my fingers to my mouth, and taste her damp arousal.

I smile.

“Whose are you?” I ask.

“Yours,” she says in a sighing voice.

My hand slaps her bare ass.

“Are you mine some of the time?”

“No, Master.”

My hand slaps her ass.

A pale pink mark in the shape of my hand appears on her ass.

“Are you mine only in some places?”

“No, Master.”

 Several times in succession my hand harshly meets the round flesh of her ass.

“You are mine.”

“Yes, Master.”

She is squirming now.

“All the time.”

“Yes, Master.”

Her voice is quavering and sighing.


“Yes, Master.”

“Say it.”

“You own me always and everywhere. Please…”

“Please what? Say the words.”

“Please, Master, fuck your property.”

I feel her crotch with my fingers.

Her pussy is hot and wet.

“What kind of property do I own?”

“A slut.”

“Just any old slut?”


She gasps and shivers.

“No, Master,” she continues. “Your own private slut.”

I push fingers inside her and smiled as I hear her gasp and moan.

“Tell me again what you want,” I say.

“Please, Master, your own private slut needs you to fuck her.”

I grin.

My fingers roughly shove inside her over and over.

“Cum,” I tell her. “Now.”

She turns her head side to side, but she begins to gasp.

I slap her ass once more.

She gasps and bits her lips to hold in the moan of her orgasm.

I watch her squirm madly on the desk.

I grin.

My hand is coated with her juice.

“Say it again.”

“Please, Master, your own private horny slut needs to needs to be used by her Master. Please!”

I bring my hand away from her crotch and wipe my fingers on her face and hair.

I grip her waist.

I stand behind her.

She pushes her hips to me.

I bring the hard flesh of my penis to her wet cunt.

“Please, please, please,” she whimpers.

I push into her, and she pushes back to me.

I let out my own moan.

Before I realize the hunger of my own lust, I am pushing to her roughly over and over.

She is tight and wet and hot.

I hear her squeals mix with my groans.

When I hear her trying to muffle high pitched, gasping moans against her desk, I cum.

I hold myself deep within her.

I cum.

I pull myself out of her.

“Please!” she barely manages to say.

“Cum, slut. Cum right now.”

She screams into her desk.

I spank her once more.

Her scream is muffled by the wood of her desk.

She sinks to the floor as if she is melting.

I smile at her.

She kneels at my feet.

She grins up at me.

“Thank you, Master,” she says in a soft breathy voice.

“This slut is yours,” she tells me, “always and everywhere.”

“Do not forget it again,” I say.

“Never again, Master.”

“Good girl.”

She grins up at me.

I return to my properly dressed state.

She remains on her knees.

“Back to work now, slut. Make me proud.”

“Yes, Master.”

I watch her stand and resume her business demeanor.

She retrieves a towel from her desk to wipe parts of her clean.

I move to the door.

I hear her scurry to get her skirt back on.

Drawers are quickly opened and shut as I unlock and open the door.

I leave without a backward glance and close the door behind me.

As I walk away, I grin.

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  1. thedreamingsub Says:

    What a treat. 🙂

  2. thedreamingsub Says:

    It is just as good the second time.

  3. MaríMar Says:

    Simply hot!

  4. You’re dangerous.

  5. livetosubmit Says:

    I need this in my life. I have never felt the warmth I am feeling while exploring this lifestyle in my research, never felt more alive. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when I find my Master.

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