The Gun Control Law Nuts Are At It Again

Well, another shooting tragedy, another spate of “why doesn’t government do something to control guns” fills the op-eds and airwaves.

To all those who think the recent tragedy in Colorado is some sort of proof that more gun control laws are needed, I just want to say… you are all completely wrong.

What we need is more people with firearms and trained in how to properly use them. If you want people like James Holmes to be stopped from shooting 70 people and killing 12, then rather than a “gun free” zone, which the cinema where the shooting took place apparently was, what you need is someone with firearm training there to shoot back at the man and take him down or kill him. No I do not mean a police officer. I mean a citizen. We need more armed citizens. Not less.

And before you blame, as some pundits have done, this tragedy all on people who oppose more government intrusion into daily life and more government run health care, I have to ask a question. Do you honestly think the government making everyone undergo mental health exams would not be widely and wildly abused? If so, I want to let you in on the ground floor of a deal to build a new Golden Gate bridge and sell the old one for scrap metal. No, really, you can get in on this deal for just a few thousand dollars.

No, we do not need more “reasonable” gun control laws. What we need is to stop blaming guns. We also need to stop thinking that somehow we can stop bad things from happening if we just have enough of the “right kind” of laws. That kind of thinking only leads to more bad things happening.

Suppose for a moment we had more gun control laws. And then the next time a shooting tragedy happens, the firearms were all purchased illegally. What then? How many weapons do you take away from a law abiding populace in the name of keeping them safe? All of them? Knives? Clubs? Pointy objects? Where do you stop? And when the law abiding citizens have no weapons, and the criminals and the government have all the weapons, does that make us safe? Here is a clue: No, it does not.

What we need is more people to have fire arms, to be trained in their proper use, and to carry fire arms with them. The thing is, if you want to save lives from this sort of tragedy, you have to allow people to defend themselves, not make them more helpless. But this is just common sense.

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