When Is the Dominant Responsible for Being Dominant

Once again, I try to answer a question from the search terms. In this episode, I address the question “Is the dominant only responsible for the bedroom or at all times?”

The answer is, it depends. You have to determine the parameters of your own D/s relationship. 

Some couples only engage in D/s in the bedroom. So in that case, the Dominant is only responsible as a Dominant in the bedroom.

Some D/s relationships keep the D/s confined to the private residence. So the Dominant is responsible for being Dominant in the privacy of the home, but not out in public usually.

Some people try to live D/s 24/7. This can be more difficult for the Dominant, because then the Dominant is responsible for be Dominant all the time. But some people simply are Dominant 24/7. And some people simply are submissive 24/7. So for them, it works.

Do not let other people define who you have to be or what your relationship has to be. You have to find the level of Dominance with which you are comfortable and happy. And that may change over time. You might find you grow into a 24/7 D/s relationship. Or you might find it is too large a task and decide a D/s only within the home or the bedroom suits you better. Be honest with yourself and your submissive, and you will find the right place. 

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