And Now for Something Completely Different

No, this is not a Monty Python themed post. (Hm… that is not a bad idea….) This post is pretty much the YouTube video for a song I happen to like, and it may surprise some of the fans of my NSFW posts. Why am I posting it? ’Cause I feel like it. I am not a complicated man. But I am complex man. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, submissives and Dominants, I present… DC Talk’s version of “Jesus Is Just Alright”.

8 Responses to “And Now for Something Completely Different”

  1. I like the original version better.

  2. Love the newer version – bar the “rapping” can’t quite take to that….

    Love the Doobie Bros’… they can sing anything, but this is a particular fave.


  3. Loved the Nat King Cole “Mood Indigo” also (added both these new-to-me-songs) to iTunes library.


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