Mitt Romney’s Taxes

Yes, I am going to talk politics again. This time about the news story of comments by Harry Reid about Mitt Romney’s taxes.

I, being libertarian, do not care for Mitt Romney as a candidate for President. I am not a fan of his in any way. I am not going to vote for him. I would strongly advise people to not vote for him. (Or for Obama, in case you wondered.)

That out of the way, I can only look on the whole “he hasn’t paid his taxes” stuff as further sign of the political left’s shift toward totalitarianism. Apparently Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid believes he can make an accusation based on rumor or hearsay, and that in some way obligates the accused to prove his innocence. In case you had not heard, Senator Reid said, basically he heard Romney has not paid taxes for ten years and has basically said it is Romney’s responsibility to prove this wrong.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi apparently also thinks this is okay. She basically said that if Senator Reid said it, then it must be true, and she echoed the notion that Romney is the one with the responsibility to prove the accusation wrong.

Um, no.

Senator Reid and Congresswoman Pelosi are both wrong. The way this is supposed to work is that if you make the accusation, the onus is on you to support the accusation. Guilty of accusations made by government officials until proven innocent is the way of totalitarian systems of government. (You know, like Nazis or the Soviets. Yeah, I said it.) But they are right in line with the way Obama seems to want things done. And notably, the POTUS has not made any effort to denounce Reid or Pelosi for this stunt.

If I were Romney, I would refuse to release the tax returns and laugh at these people as nothing better than rumor mongers. If innuendo and hearsay is the best the Democrats can muster up to attack Romney, then the Obama family should be looking for a new place to live come January 20, 2013.

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  1. Taxes, dominant and libertarian? There’s a lot happening on this blog. *cheers*

  2. Full disclosure: I’m going to pressure you to work more on the libertarian aspects than the dom. Hopefully you’ll overlook that.

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