Canada Has Political Struggles Too

Over at is a new video about some political turmoil in Quebec (which I learned to pronounce as keh-bek’ instead of kwi’-bek; don’t ask why because I do not remember). Which is in Canada (which I pronounce as ka-nad’-ah just because I can).

It is an interesting and open-ended look at the recent student protests in Montreal. And by open-ended, I mean it does not offer up any answers; it just presents the issues as explained by various representatives of the various elements of the debate.

Which includes the cute and cuddly Anarchopanda. Yes, you read that correctly. The Anarchopanda. As best I can tell, I do not agree with Anarchopanda’s politics, but I like what he is trying to accomplish by showing up in a panda suit.

Anyway, the video is just a smidge over ten and a half minutes. It was produced for by Anthony L. Fisher, with camera work by Joshua Swain and Fisher.

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