Tax Cuts Are Not Expenditures

From what I have heard in the news lately, I guess I need to go over this one again. Tax cuts are not expenditures. Tax cuts are not expenditures. Tax cuts are not expenditures.

A lot of politicians and talking heads on television are going to be talking about “spending money on tax cuts”. This is a distortion at best. Though I tend to think of it as a lie. The government does not spend money on tax cuts. A tax cut is not the government giving money to anyone. A tax cut is government taking less money from people. Regardless of whether or not you think certain tax cuts are fair, they are not spending.

1. to pay out or expend
2. to consume or use up

a compulsory fee imposed by government for its support, and levied on things like income, property and sales

tax cut
the reduction of a tax

Tax cuts are not expenditures. The government does not spend money on tax cuts.

And let us be clear on something else. Giving massive amounts of taxpayer money to corporations in the form of bailouts and other corporate welfare is far, far worse than any tax cut. Yet it happens with full support of people who insist we cannot afford to “spend” money on tax cuts for the wealthy. 

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  1. Like, like, like. I am glad someone will say it. This is common sense people. Thank you Xajow for saying the truth.

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