Clint Eastwood’s Stunt at the RNC Explained

I liked it. Yeah, I said it. I liked it. And frankly, most of the criticism of it is a load of crap.

I, as one who is not a supporter of Mitt Romney (nor Obama), found Clint Eastwood’s improvisation bit at the RNC to be very funny. It made me laugh out loud. Yeah, Eastwood was talking down to the imaginary Obama, but then I think Obama deserves that. Was it disrespectful to the President? Yes, but so what? Obama is POTUS, not a holy man, and as POTUS he has not done much that deserves respect.

Yeah, Eastwood was talking to an empty chair. Yes, he knew it was empty. It’s called pretending. If you do not remember what pretending is, that would be your fault, not Eastwood’s. Here’s a clue: that guy on SNL who plays Obama in the comedy skits, he is not really Obama. He is pretending. This is how performance comedy works people.

If Eastwood had done this at the DNC to make fun of Romney, most of the people now criticizing Eastwood would be hailing him as having done some brilliant comedy. (And probably the Republicans would be criticizing him.) They certainly would not be complaining about how “disrespectful” he had been.

To those who thought Eastwood looked a little dotty as he ad-libbed, I ask if you remember what Obama sounds like when he lacks a teleprompter for his next line. 

I know liberal folks do not like being made fun of the way they make fun of conservatives, but too bad. They got it tossed back at them, and they’re all so offended and hurt by it, they cannot stop talking about it. It was comedic improv. Yes, it was funny.

And I know some liberal folks believe only liberals do funny political comedy, but, it is not true. And so I end with a video that contains non-liberal political humor and people pretending for the sake of comedy. If the Eastwood bit seemed too weird or offensive to you, then this ought to just about blow your little mind:

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