Does the Government Own You?

I am going to use a short video that apparently comes from the DNC, but do not think I intend to criticize just Democrats. Both Democrat and Republican political leadership are equally guilty of the attitude I am going to mention.

Over at’s blog is posted this short video:

This is reportedly from videos to be shown at the Democratic National Convention. Let us look at the language used here.

We are committed to all people. We do believe you can use government in a good way. Government is the only thing that we all belong to. We’re in different churches, different clubs, but we’re together as a part of our city or our county or our state, and our nation.

Just read that a few times. It illustrates the attitude of the Democratic and Republican leadership. And if you never think past the surface of it, it sounds good. We’re all in this together. Yeah, all warm and fuzzy. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Wait… What?

Look at that third sentence from the video. “Government is the only thing that we all belong to.” The idea expressed here is that we belong to government. Not that the government belongs to us. Not a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Rather, we belong to government. A people of the government, by the government and for the government. And what support for this notion is provided? We are together as part of out city, county (or parish if you live in Louisiana), state and nation. You are a part of your community and nation, therefore, you belong to the government. This implies that the nation and the government are the same.

This is what the politicians all you “practical” people support think of you. You belong to them. They own you. You belong to the government.

And yes, I say Republican politicians are just as guilty of this kind of thinking. Who provides the majority of support for the so-called “Marriage Protection Amendment”? Who clamors the loudest that we need to tighten immigration control? Who provides the most support for the war on drugs? Both Democrats and Republicans insist they will protect all the entitlements that keep people dependent on government. Both Democrats and Republicans insist government needs more power and more tools to enforce the law and fight terrorism. Sure, Republicans now are complaining about regulations, but when Republicans had control of the executive and legislative branches of the federal government, they did not reduce regulations. When the so-called “Patriot Act” was rushed through Congress, the Republicans did not object. They more often than not have defended it as fully necessary.

This is what you “practical” people have wrought. This is of your making. Politicians who believe you belong to the government. This is what you get when you vote for the supposedly lesser of two evils. This is what you get when you speak of taxes as “contributions” or as “what we pay to live here.” This is what you get when you equate tax cuts with spending. This is what you get when you let politicians convince you that reductions in projected spending growth is an actual cut in spending. This is what you get when you vote for politicians based on how much they promise to have the government do for you. This is what you get when you constantly demand government Do Something.

And lest you think I am being critical only of Republicans: Joe Biden recently claimed Romney and the Republicans were “gonna put y’all back in chains.” What many people seem to miss is that Democrats want people shackled to unions and dependent on government handouts. If anything, the Democratic leadership seems to believe they ought to be treated like plantation masters, as kind and benevolent authority who know what is best for you and meanwhile you belong to them. The Democrats, after all, are the party who currently wants to amend the Constitution to create an exception to the First Amendment.

“But,” some of you might say, “that is not what the speaker in the video meant.” Yes, I know that he mentioned people being part of different churches and different clubs. Here is the problem: If I choose to be part of a particular congregation or a particular club, that is voluntary, and I can change my participation easily. To say I belong to government, however, is to claim me without my choice.

“But you can leave any time you like,” some of you might say. Can I? I can quit a congregation or a club simply by no longer attending. I cannot simply quit attending the nation. I have to leave it. Which requires money, time, and in some cases permission from the government. And even if I left it, there would still be taxes to pay. And there might be other penalties. Just ask Senator Chuck Schumer.

So no, this belonging to the government is not like being a part of a church or a club. It is more like being conscripted into the mob with a punishment if you should ever choose to leave. Which means, yes, is it like the government claiming it owns you.

So as you look at the candidates this election cycle, consider whether you want to be owned by the government. Consider whether the people in government should believe you belong to them. Consider whether the status of things should be people of the government, by the government and for the government, or government of the people, by the people and for the people. Should you be the government’s property by fiat? Should you live grateful to your government betters or should government be grateful for your consent?

Yeah, okay, the libertarian rant is over. For now.

4 Responses to “Does the Government Own You?”

  1. I stumbled across your blog while on search of information that would help me better understand myself.
    Well, and I began to read … from old to new …
    and why do I comment to a quite old post? Hmm … is one of my favorite.
    Of course I do like also your view of D / s issues, especially the bedtime stories, as I call them…
    Back to the subject … yes, the government owns the people they are supposed to serve.
    To leave a nation/ country is possible and does not have to blow up all financial framework, but leaving also means becoming part of another government that will then own us again.
    I left my home country, but for different reasons and currently live in Africa, I have no taxes to pay in my home country, but all the more nonsensical taxes here… and there’s nothing I can do about it.
    Yes, this country owns me now in a certain way, the brainwashing is more obvious than in Europe and it is therefore not so easy to fall into it but still…

    I could go on with this subject but it was and is not my intention for now.
    Anyway, I look forward to more amusing, thoughtful or inspiring post…

    And please excuse my by far not perfect English, it’s not my native language…

    • Your English is good. Better even than some for whom it is a native language.

      Anyway, I disagree with the idea that the government owns us. We are not here to serve the government. We are not the government’s property. The U.S. is not a feudal society. Nor should it be.

      Thank you for your comments. I am glad you enjoy my blog. If I am able, I should have more “bedtime stories” up soon.

      Welcome to Liberate One.

      • Thanks for your nice welcome words.
        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like the idea either, but unfortunately, (my) reality shows something else. Perhaps is the expression “own” a little exaggeratedly, but are we not manipulated every single day in one or another way by our government? Manipulated to push us in a certain direction, and make us therefore dependent? Some people will say, these would be only the media and industry etc which do this, but even if it’s in such a way, should our government not protect us from such things? By not doing so, it contributes to it.
        And if we are dependent on something, do we not pass then also in a sort of “ownership”?
        I would be more than glad, if one could prove me the opposite…
        Anyway, it is only my opinion and I cannot talk for every single government in the world.
        Have a nice day!

        • That a government acts like it has ownership of its citizens does not mean it in fact has ownership. Sadly, many do act as if they are the masters rather than the servants of the citizens. But this is something to be resisted, not accepted.

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