Dear reader, I know you are yearning for my words. Unfortunately other obligations and my mood have been nonconducive to producing posts for this blog. But I will be making a few posts over the next week or two. They may be sparse, but posted they will be.

Next week, I will be out of town but I will bring an old laptop with me, and will hopefully post a few comments. Not about my trip, mind you. That would only bore you, as it is neither BDSM nor politics related.

And as we head into October, I may be rather busy during the month with a local project (again, neither BDSM nor politics related).

So now you know. And knowing is half the battle. Whatever the f— that means.

8 Responses to “Absences”

  1. I always liked G I Joe……

    • So did I. But even when I was a young lad I thought the little PSA tags at the end of the episodes were lame. But you can’t go by my tastes. I was weird even then.

      • I was being a smarty pants…I never understood how knowing was actually half the battle…half? Maybe 1/17th or something…but not HALF….

        • Well, knowledge is important to battle. (Irrelevant aside: Sun-Tzu’s “The Art of War” is important reading for any Dominant.) But what is the battle? What is the objective? How is knowing not to start fires in the kitchen half the battle? What would the other half be? These are questions I leave to wiser (or more geeky) persons than myself. That they occurred to me is weird enough.

  2. Rand was not always the most skilled writer. However, her ideas and characters are unique, and she does not get enough credit for that.

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