Breast Cancer, Pink and the NFL

I am writing this on my iPod. So this will be brief. But I am watching the start of the Texans beatdown of the Jets, and there is something I want to say. Take a wild guess what that is.

Look, I am not against breast cancer research, the color pink, or trying help people be healthy. What bothers me is turning the NFL into a promotion machine for breast cancer prevention. Making the teams wear pink does offend my aesthetic sensibilities. I fail to see how that accomplishes anything outside of politically correct posturing.

And why are we constantly bombarded with pink breast cancer this and pink breast cancer that? Yes, working to end breast cancer is good and important. But what about other cancers? Why is breast cancer more important than other cancers? Where is the yogurt campaign to support research into stomach cancer? Where is the campaign to walk to raise money for research into prostate cancer? Why is breast cancer seemingly the only one getting all this effort?

And honestly, if you are not already aware of breast cancer and screening for it, is seeing pink at an NFL game really going to make you aware of it?

I am not saying the NFL should not spend money to help raise awareness. But is this really effective? It seems more like posturing than anything else. Wouldn’t a campaign with more substance and less look-at-me, aren’t-we-great style be more effective?

I am really not against the NFL or corporations or other groups working to accomplish these kinds of goals. But I am of the school of thought that when you do good, do it in secret or at least don’t go about tooting your own horn in a “hey everyone look at me as to do this” manner.

Okay, typing this on my iPod is proving to be really annoying. So I am done now.

3 Responses to “Breast Cancer, Pink and the NFL”

  1. I have heard comments and read a few things that would indicate that a lot of the “pink” is not so much research as it is business, and that is a shame.

  2. OMG love this post. I was going to make on just like it, but have been hesitant cause I actually follow several “breast cancer survivors ” blogs so didnt know how to broach the topic without coming off as an inconsiderate a-hole. But, i follow a bunch of people’s cancer journeys because it’s cancer, not because its a specific type of cancer. I’m a unofficial care-taker for a cancer patient.

    I said the same thing watching football this week. It’s just ridiculous. They lite up the stadium PINK. How bout all the money they spend on merchandise for the players to prance around in they DONATE to a cancer organization. Turn off those pink lights and that money you would spend on a huge electric bill donate to a hospital. Like you, i’m not against a good cause. But, why can’t it be cancer awareness in general or a CURE for cancer. I lost a friend to leukemia. My fiancee has brain cancer( thats who i care take for). I’m not frolicking around promoting those two cancers. I want a cure for CANCER. A stop to that vicious disease. It’s not right or fair to popularize one disease . And it seems they are just trying to profiteer off it too, with all the merchandise.

    • By the way, i watched inside the NFL earlier and comedian Bill Burr was a guest speaker and on national tv he said exactly what you wrote about with Pink and the NFL. And i didn’t have the balls to write a simple blog post.. Shame shame.

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