Thoughts on Being Nominated for a Blog Award

I was recently told I was nominated for a blog award. You know, one of those awards people give because they were given one and the rules say they have to give it to X number of other people. This is my first such nomination. I thought I would take a moment to share my thoughts on the matter.

Certainly I am pleased by the award. The nomination means at the very least that someone else likes my blog enough to bother nominating it.

What does not please me is the rules which come attached to these awards. List X number of facts about yourself. Answer X number of questions. Nominate X number of other bloggers. These awards seem to be in a one-up-manship contest. The award for which I was nominated requires me to nominate eleven other bloggers. Why eleven?

These awards are a bit like chain letters. They get passed around and around, getting weirder over time.

But I do not want to seem ungrateful to the person who chose my blog as one they consider worthy of note.

So I decided to start a blogger award of my own. It is called the Ty Award. It has one rule. Just say thank you to the person who gave it to you.

I will start it by saying thank you to surrenderedone of the blog surrenderedbychoice. And here is the inaugural presentation of the Ty Award. I am honored by your choosing my blog. Thank you. I like your blog too.

Feel free, everyone, to use the Ty Award to say thank you to other bloggers at any time.

3 Responses to “Thoughts on Being Nominated for a Blog Award”

  1. I agree. 100%

    I call it the Bloggies (like the Dundies on that show The Office).

  2. I have noticed there tends to be a “season” with the awards. The first one or two are fun to comply with but after that it gets tiresome. I like your award, though…very simple but still something nice to receive…good idea!

  3. LOL….why thank you. It reminds me of being chosen as teacher of the year for ones school. It is an honor….but then there is hours’ worth of paperwork that goes with it, so you think, thank you………oh God……

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