Gun Control Nuts Going Off Half-Cocked, Again

Mere hours after a school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, and already I was reading opinions about how the shooting proves we need more and stricter gun control laws. It very much gave the appearance that the gun control nuts all rushed to their computers, thinking not of concern for the grieving but how to try to use the tragedy for political gain. To see what these people said would almost make a person think the guns of their own accord had marched into the school and done all the shooting. The facts, of course, are quite different.

A person forced his way into the school and began killing people. But the gun control nuts all want to blame the guns. If the shooter’s weapons had gained sentience and the power of compulsive communication, and thereby forced the man to start shooting people, the gun control nuts might have a case. But the weapons, of course, did not and so the gun control nuts do not. Needless to say, the gun control nuts are not letting that slow them down in the least.

People are calling for gun control laws and “assault” weapons bans and the ever popular Doing Something to Prevent This Tragedy from Happening Again. [insert “how stupid can they be” sigh and eye-roll here] Do these people ever bother to learn from history? We had an “assault” weapons ban, and it stopped exactly no body. And when the ban went away, there was exactly no increase in violent gun crimes. And the whole “preventing another tragedy” never works because, guess what, there is always another tragedy.

Do not misunderstand me. Yes, there are some reasonable things that can be done to help keep children in schools safe, and we should absolutely want to work on keeping people safe. But let us do so with reason and sanity rather than asininity and hysteria. And let us please stop believing that somehow, someway we will find the magical answer that will keep all children 100 percent safe 100 percent of the time. It is not going to happen.

And to all those who keep saying stupid things like, “no one needs assault weapons for hunting,” I want to explain something to you. No one is arguing that anyone needs assault weapons (whatever those might be) for hunting. So your argument useless and meaningless. And need generally has nothing to do with why some people want to own firearms you may find objectionable. Firing an powerful automatic weapon is fun. But more than that, the reason citizens should be allowed to own firearms, including “assault” weapons, is so that they may defend themselves from an oppressive government.

Yeah, I said it. Am I arguing for revolution? No, I am not. But I am fairly certain that if the U.S. government ever does turn fascist and starts seriously trampling rights and liberty, you will be glad those gun nuts and militia kooks have all those firearms with which to fight back.

And one other thing while I am on this subject. This knee-jerk fear mongering that we have to Do Something, which occurs every time the news mentions something about people being shot by someone with a firearm, is close-minded bigotry. Basically it argues that all law-abiding, sane gun owners and potential gun owners must be penalized because this one or two people did something aberrant and abhorrent with a weapon. It is not entirely unlike saying, for example, a Catholic committed this crime, so what we need to make sure this kind of tragedy never happens again are laws that restrict the liberty of Catholics. Or Wiccans. Or Atheists. Or Occupiers. Or Anti-Abortionists. Or Environmentalists. Or most other groups of voluntarily associated people of similar beliefs.

And yeah, I said that too. I’ll say it again. This knee-jerk fear mongering that we have to Do Something, which occurs every time the news mentions something about people being shot by someone with a firearm, is close-minded bigotry. Yes, it really is.

Am I saying we ought to have no laws regarding firearms? No. Of course not. I am saying that a sane and reasoned approach to the issue of crimes involving guns does not need to include trying to punish and unnecessarily—and often uselessly—limit the liberty of everyone who does or might ever own a firearm.

Stop. Breathe. Think. Yes, what happened in Newtown, Connecticut, is a tragedy. But that is not an excuse to engage in bigoted fear-mongering. Stop letting fear being the basis for policy suggestions. Try to use reason and sanity. And consider some compassion for those directly affected by the tragedy before rushing off to politicize the event so you can clamor for laws that would be mostly symbolic and useless in stopping similar tragedies. And that includes you, U.S. Congress.

The thing that irks me the most about all this, is that by now in our history, neither I nor anyone else should have to say these things. But we still do. Luckily, we still will. God help this country when we stop.

Okay. I’m done now.

Christmas post should be up in a few days. Yeah, Christmas. With a Christian perspective too. I know, weird, huh?

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