Wherein I Use a Tragic Story as Metaphor

The other day I was listening to a man speak, and he told a story I think has a relevant lesson for us in this age of constantly demanding government do something. Some moron uses a firearm at a school to kill people, and we insist something must be done. So now we have people trying to say government has to pass laws and do whatever it takes to protect our children. But those demands, in my opinion, are ignoring what those laws and somethings might cause.

This story, as paraphrased and recollected by me, goes like this: A surgeon gets a call asking him to go to the hospital to perform an operation on a young boy who has been an accident. The surgeon gets in his car and starts rush to the hospital. At a traffic light a man in a gray sweatshirt and gray knit hat opens the door of the surgeon’s car and demands to have the vehicle. The surgeon tries to explain that he has to get to the hospital, but the carjacker does not listen. The carjacker pulls the surgeon out of the car and drives off. The surgeon has to walk to someplace where he can get the number for a taxi, and then wait for the taxi to arrive to take him to the hospital. When the surgeon finally arrives, he rushes in only to discover he is too late and the boy is dead. The surgeon asks the head nurse if he can speak to the boy’s family to explain why he was late. The nurse says the father is in the chapel. To the chapel goes the surgeon, wondering how he will explain and if the father will understand. The surgeon goes into the chapel and sees a man there, weeping. The man is wearing a grey sweatshirt and a grey knit hat.

That’s right the carjacker who stole the surgeon’s car was the boy’s father.

Yes, I am using that story as a metaphor. (Is it a perfect metaphor? No. But it works as one anyway.)  The politicians and the gun control advocates are pushing for government to rush to Do Something. Ban “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines. How that prevents people from going a little insane and shooting at people is explained by exactly no one. No one explains because those bans will not and cannot prevent this.

And make no mistake, the “no one needs high capacity magazines for hunting” is nonsense. I said it before, and I will say it again. The right to keep and bear arms is not about hunting. It is about citizens being able to protect themselves from tyrannical government.

Banning firearms arbitrarily defined as “assault weapons” is not going to help people. It is not going to make our children safer. Neither is putting armed guards/police officers in every school. We do not need to turn our schools into prisons.

But if we keep on this path of Doing Something Now, we will be little better than the father who steals car of the doctor who could save the child’s life. How? Simple. If we think that we can centrally plan the society and the safety of children, we are very much mistaken. We will be stealing the car from solutions that we need.

The thing is, even if the surgeon had gotten to the hospital on time, there is no guarantee the child would have survived. Sometimes bad things happen. Thinking we can prevent that with the right laws and enough government control is foolishness. And it is, frankly, a path to fascism.

Yeah, I said it. The main thing all fascist governments have in common, as best as I can determine, is that they all were run by people who thought they could make society better through plenty of government control. With the “correct” people running government with the “correct” laws and the “correct” amount of regulation, they believe can make society better by controlling people and controlling society.

And worst part of it is that path to fascism is deceptive because instead of violence and revolt, it takes us to fascism by “democratic” means. We keep demanding government Do Something, demanding government control things. We keep electing politicians who promise to take more control. We will end up in a fascism we demanded.

And look at what happens to those who argue against that path. They get called crazy, impractical, and unrealistic. But all is not lost. No. Because some people are making a real effort to stand against us going down that path.

Yes, I do mean libertarians. Politicians who lean libertarian are getting elected. Pundits supporting libertarian ideas are getting more attention. Some in the mainstream media are even afraid of libertarians.

So do not think I am just here to be doom and gloom. On the contrary, I think we can make things better and work toward a society is safer for us and for our children. And I think there is plenty of hope. But we have to recognize that rushing to Do Something is not the sane and sensible path to a better future. And it might just sabotage us in ways that prevent us from getting the ends we say we want.

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