Guess what, chillins? I made it to 200 posts. So let us have a little fun. And we start with some Trouble.

That is to say, Elvis Presley singing the song “Trouble”.

Next up, Peggy Lee wondering “Is That All There Is?”

Which put me in mind of the song “Enjoy Yourself”.

And now for something completely different.

Back to more advice for living, “Dig-Dig-Dig Dig for Your Dinner”.

And last but not least, the Chairman of the Board, explaining how he did it.

Tonight’s entertainment has been brought to you by the I’m Making It Up As I Go Along Foundation. And the support of viewers like you. Thank you. Good night.

2 Responses to “200”

  1. How do you reconcile your needs as a Dominant with your faith? I have found that I do see the basis of a D/s relationship as being somewhat biblical in nature. Wives submit to your husbands and all that. I find comfort in that. What I struggle with is how meeting my subby needs, when I can no longer ignore them, leads me to ignore my values. Thoughts would be welcome! 🙂

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