So Many Things to Say

There are so many things to talk about. Politics, D/s issues, and a story or two to finish. But sometimes I have to choose between spending a few hours working on this site with spending those hours dealing with other matters in life. Sadly this blog has to be lower on the list of priorities and other things that are not nearly as much fun or interesting.

But take heart. I am here now, O readers. And I have things to say. So let us begin.

The NSA leaks and Edward Snowden:
No one should be surprised that the U.S. government is spying on Americans. What Snowden revealed is not shocking in itself. What is shocking to me is people insisting Snowden is a traitor and that the government needs to have this power to keep us safe. The government having this power does not keep us safe. It makes us less safe. If you really think more surveillance keeps you safe, then write your Congressman and tell him you want the FBI/NSA to install and monitor cameras  in every room of every building in America. Just give up your privacy altogether, and demand the government keep you safe. No warrants, just 24/7 constant surveillance. 2+2=5. If, on the other hand, you think that much surveillance would be going too far, then I suggest you need to reconsider support for what the NSA has been doing. As has been pointed out by more knowledgeable people than me, there are so many laws and regulations on the books now that you have very likely violated several of them without knowing it. Do you really believe you have nothing to hide?

IRS scandal:
The IRS deliberately picked on conservative political groups. Again, why is anyone surprised? The IRS has always been a tool of politics. And if you think this sort of political bias cannot infect other parts of the government, like, oh, say, the NSA, please raise your hand so someone can be sent around to sell you some cheap ocean front property that just became available in Wyoming.

Immigration reform:
This a stupid bill. We do not need more border security. We need to remake the laws to make immigration to the U.S. easier, not harder. That people are willing to risk death to get here just to make some money and improve their economic status should tell us something is seriously wrong with our immigration law. Make it far easier to come and go, and set up check points for legal movement across the border, and the amount of illegal immigration will plummet. And many people here illegally will “get in line” because there will finally be an actual line for them to be in. And please note, I am talking about crossing the border, not a “pathway” to citizenship. Legal residency and citizenship are two very different things.

President Obama:
Once again the man is proving to be a hypocrite and a liar. And people are still supporting him. He is getting almost no criticism in the press for his handling of the various scandals now facing the government. How is this man still taken seriously? Even liberals should be seeing through his rhetoric at this point. His presidency is a national shame, in my opinion.

Affirmative action back in the news:
Why the heckity-darn are we still doing this? Why do we keep institutionalizing discrimination based on skin color/race? Yes, I know racism was institutionalized for a long time. But at some point we have to recognize we are not going to fully move past judging people by their skin color until we stop putting so much importance on what color someone’s skin is.

Paula Deen:
She has been taken down a peg or two. Good. Her onscreen persona could use a large dose of humility. And as someone who enjoys a good southern accent, I have to say I will be glad to have less chances of hearing hers. After many years of hearing many southern accents, Deen is the only person I have ever heard who pronounces y’all as yaow. Even Justin Wilson with his stage Cajun accent was never that bad.

Libertarianism hasn’t been tried (supposedly):
There is an argument making the rounds that because there are no libertarian government this somehow proves libertarianism doesn’t work. Sigh. I am sure there are arguments that are more intellectually shallow, but I cannot at the moment think of what they are. Once there were no economies without slavery. Once there were no governments that were representative democracies.  And there are lots of governments right now that are not libertarian, and many of them are running out of money. But we should all worry about libertarians trying to influence government because there are no libertarian governments? Pooh yi.

BDSM for mental health:
A recent study suggests what most BDSM folks already knew. BDSM practitioners tend to be more mentally healthy, not less. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to result in a rom-com about a healthy, well adjusted male Dominant finding a healthy, well adjusted female submissive. Oh well.

That is enough for now. More posts to come.

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