Just Another Selfish Rant

This post has been deleted. If you came here looking for the rant, you missed it. It was not worth reading anyway.

5 Responses to “Just Another Selfish Rant”

  1. Angel_lica2013 Says:

    That’s a shame. I quite like almost everything that you write. Dare say even perhaps your most self centred and selfish of rants! Alas, I shall never know!

    • I thank you for the kind words. But trust me, it was not worth the time you would have taken to read it. Hopefully future posts will be of better quality.

      • Medic65 Says:

        While you indicate that the rant may not have been something worth posting I believe it had value. You were able to reread it and deal accordingly with whatever it said and what ever triggered the post. Long ago I was taught to write things down to send to the the one I feel has wronged me. I wait 24 – 48 hours and reread. If my thoughts haven’t changed and the words I chose convey the proper feeling I send the letter. If not, I destroy it. Either way I have dealt with the issue at hand and confronted it (and not out of anger) or allowed my mindset to change.

        My sincerest apologies if I have overstepped my bounds.

  2. Medic65 Says:

    Yes Sir, thank you.

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