Project August: Day 8 – A Type Quicky

Not a lot of time today for posting. Though I did just spend too much time hunting for a post I could use to make a short entry for Project August. Anyway, today‘s topic is type. Not the action, but rather, these little glyphs that make up the words you see on your screen. Dealing with type is part of what I do. So despite the briefness of this post, this is actually important.

I know most people do not really think about it much. Indeed, most people would tell me it does not matter, that no one really cares. But it does matter.

The post to which I am responding is from make a powerful point, a blog about using PowerPoint. The post “What Your Font Choice Is Saying About You” explains, in part, why good type choice is important.

Both typeface — the form of the letters you see, and typography — the format of the letters on a page, have a profound influence on the meaning you extract from the written word. It’s the visual language that adds depth and character to written language, in the same way tone, dialect and emphasis add that to the spoken word. Shakespeare recited by Patrick Stewart sounds a lot different to Shakespeare recited by Paddington Bear.

He has a couple of graphics to help illustrate his point. Go read his post.

Type matters.

And that is all I am going to say about it today because that is all I have time to say about it today. I need to go. Sorry for the brevity.

Be good. Keep breathing.

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  1. Guess I have to stop using Comic Sans. 🙂
    I admit I used it because I liked the name — makes me such a girl. 🙂

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