Project August: Day 14 – A Short One

I got nothing. Well, not really nothing. I was about to write a long post, but I do not have the time. I searched for something to write just briefly about, and I got nothing. And worse, I spent too much time looking. So today is a sort of a cheat for Project August. I apologize. I am going to pull out a reserve again. I wanted to do more with this post, but I haven’t the time. You should go to Lonelyheart’s blog and read “life, rain, art, and truth”. As part of Project August I must write something in response. I borrow from Shakespeare. “This above all: to thine ownself be true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then be false to any man.” I am sure I will expound on this in a future post. Goodbye now. (Ten points to the first one who can identify that obscure cultural reference. Ten more points to the first one who can guess why I used it.)

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  1. It is from Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” I believe you used it because to be anyone but ourselves is to attract people to our “false-selves.” Who are we when we’re not being our authentic selves? That’s a great way of getting lost. So many barriers are created that we begin to LIVE and respond to life as someone else.

    Frightening real and easy to do…. Unfortunately our experiences in this world MAKE us who we become. We are literally hard-wired that way (brain). It can be undone…. and should be.

    The referenced post, by loneyheart, brought a tear to my eye. Her pain, my pain. and everyone’s in between. We human’s are a complicated lot – not complex, but complicated. Many layers, colours, etc.

    D/s strips all those layers away.. .and you are left with your true, authentic, beautiful self. All-powerful, and finally at peace (for brevity sake).

    • Not a bad guess, but the Shakespeare quote was not the obscure reference to which I was referring.

      • Oh bugger… lol

        I didn’t think it was.. but I couldn’t even SEE the other one.. will look again (i’m all-over-the-shop, at the mo’)

        • Hmm.. it is so “obscure” I can’t see it!!!!


          Was good to think and get out of my own “head” for a while there, in any case.


    • And P.S. How can anyone love us if we’re “someone else.” That isn’t real, it has many cracks… and very changeable.

  2. Could it be, “I Got Nothing”. There are 3 songs, by Roy Orbison, Bangles and Darius Rucker all dealing with someone not getting what they need within their relationships. or could it be you got nothing for this post. I say that with much respect for this was something indeed, as I read through your Project August this one reflects the romantic part of your Dominance. We should never stay in something that drains us instead of feeding our needs. Sometimes one needs to say nothing at all in order to get the point across. Thank you Sir.

    • Not a bad guess, but no, that was not the obscure reference. No one caught it, so don’t feel bad. Maybe someday someone will see the hints I left in later posts and put it all together.

      • I shall keep trying as I continue to read through your later posts. I tend to like puzzles (sometimes). Thank you for trying to set my mind at ease for being incorrect.

  3. Sir, yes, I saw your reference to Pete Smith, “Goodbye now”, he used it to end his short subjects. And this was a short post for you. I enjoy your sense of humor. Have a good night, Sir. Bye now.

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