Project August: Day 16 – Another Short Post

Yeah, another short one. Over at MaríMar’s blog is a post with a lovely back and white photo of a bench in a park. With it is a brief poem.

Meet me in the park,
at around half past noon.
Sit down on the bench,
I’ll be there to meet you.

The reason this post is late in the day and the reason it is so short is that today I feel acutely my aloneness. There is no one to meet me in a park. Nor will there ever be. I am not in a good mood for writing. I apologize. Good night.

6 Responses to “Project August: Day 16 – Another Short Post”

  1. Now is the time when you need to write.


  2. Mari Mar… Coolest!
    Great blog!
    LK 🐇❤

  3. Serendipity1972 Says:

    Don’t say that, it makes me lose hope too. Keep your heart open x

  4. Serendipity1972 Says:

    …and what makes you think you won’t? x

  5. Why will there never be? Hope you feel better soon.

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