Project August: Day 20 – Wherein Elle’s Writing Is Lauded

So I was looking at my wordpress stats page, and I saw that the blog had a view from a link on someone else’s blog. I went to the page the stats info indicated and started looking for where the link was. I like to see the context of links to my blog. Well, I still have not found the link, but I did find something else. I found a marvelous piece of writing about why a woman would choose to submit to a Dominant. Yes, I have talked about this topic before, but I want to share what I found.

Why do I want to share this if I have talked about this before? Because this bit of writing is just that damn good. I found it over at The Submission of Elle. The post is titled “The Training of Elle”. I hope Elle does not mind the length of the quote I am about to use.

Kabbalah teaches that the sun is male and the moon is female. The sun is responsible for making the moon glow and the moon receives the sun’s light. I think this is a beautiful representation of how a Dominant and submissive relationship is supposed to work. I receive my light and my warmth from my Dominant. He shines his light on me helping me and giving me everything I need.  A Dominant finds the distance between his sun and her moon so he can decide exactly where they are and how to best chart a course toward his intended destination. A submissive receives the light from her Dominant so that she can shine brilliantly and even mysteriously in the night sky. The moon has its cycle of waxing and waning to the point of diminishing completely at one point on the lunar calendar and then builds back up to full illumination. My Sir brings me to full illumination and admires me as I shine.

I want my Sir to shine his light upon me in this way so that I am a reflection of his will and desires. I trust his intentions and judgment. He’s already proven to me countless times that he has my best interest and will always be there for me. As submissives we reach a pinnacle, become broken, and then our Dominant builds us back up. This is what happens in an exchange of power. You become exposed and vulnerable as you hand over your shame, guilt, frustrations, fears, desires, and insecurities then your Dominant takes them so you are released to just give and serve him proudly and so he can bring you to a new level. It’s in that giving that we are free and it’s in that freedom that we are healed and it’s in that healing that we are finally at peace.

It may seem confusing to anyone on the outside looking in to understand the desire to take your control and power and hand it over willingly to your Dominant who in turn receives like it’s an honor bestowed upon him. I exhausted myself living the life I was living. I am a strong, intelligent, capable woman who can competently handle a presentation in a board meeting, direct and produce a musical with a cast and crew of over a 100, and organize a an event for 300 from across the country. I know how to sew and cook, but I also know how to use a power drill and a circular saw. I learned to dance, but I was also taught how to punch a speed bag. So why give away my control if I can do so much? I will always have my abilities, but now I am able to perform any of those tasks with a lot more grace and style because there is only one whose acceptance and approval I seek. In all my accomplishments there were always complaints and disappointments. I could never please everyone.

If you ever experienced the inner freedom and focus that only comes from giving up outward control to a loving Dominant you would never ask the question “why”. The mental and emotional defenses supported by society kept me from experiencing true intimacy at a deep and profound level. Now that I’ve experienced freedom, I can never go back to my old bondage. Hearing him tell me that I did well and that he’s proud of me is bliss. I feel more connected than ever to my husband, to my children, and to my God because I know the strength I receive from my Sir allows me to have more to give. I feel centered and balanced for the first time. I feel like I’m getting younger, but that’s because my heart is free, but isn’t that the joy of childhood?

Is that one of the best explanations for why a woman would choose to submit or is that one of the best explanations for why a woman would choose to submit? It makes me question why I bother posting on the subject, because I never have and would never have said anything as good as that. It’s just brilliant.

If you are reading this, and for some reason you don’t get D/s or why a woman would choose to submit, go read Elle’s full post. And do not just skim it and then judge it based on preconceived notions. Really read it. And then read it again. And then read it yet again. There is wisdom in that post, and only a fool would ignore it. So read it and read it again until you grasp what Elle has said.

If you are reading this, and you are a submissive who is new to D/s and/or questioning if D/s is worth the time and effort, go read Elle’s full post. Read it slowly and drink it all in.

If you are reading this, and you are a Dominant who is new to D/s and/or are questioning if being Dominant is a good thing to be, go read Elle’s full post. This is what a Dominant can do for a submissive. And it is beautiful.

Normally, I would have a lot more to say, but honestly, I cannot think of anything more I need to say on this subject. At least for now. (Arrogant fool that I am, I am sure I will talk about this subject again.)

Anyway, I am disappointed that no one at all seemed to catch the Pete Smith reference I made a while back. No, I am not going to explain. You will have to do your own research to figure out what I am talking about.

Eleven more days of Project August. The end is coming into view. It is easy on days like today when I find something excellent about which to write. According to the stats from wordpress, August 2013 is on pace to have the highest number of views for my blog. So yay for me.

Will I really have posted every day of August? Can I keep this up without going mad? Keep coming back every day and find out.

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  1. I am completely humbled by your compliments that I am left with a loss for words so I will simply say “thank you, you are very kind.” I just wrote from my heart hoping to properly express how I feel and to maybe help someone along the way.

  2. She does explain it beautifully and it makes sense to me. This is all quite new to me. Self discovery takes some unexpected turns. I am enjoying your posts.

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