Project August: Day 26 – To Protect

Short post today because I am starting this one late. After a busy weekend, I did a lot of sleeping. Anyway, there are days I wish I had massive wealth like Bill Gates. Not because I love money, but because of something I would like to do with that money. But I suppose I should explain something. Don’t worry. I will be brief.

At what feels like an instinctual level, I am a protector. I hate racism, and in particular the violent acts that have come from it. I hate child abuse and spousal abuse. You get the idea. I hate people trying to abuse others. I want to be able to step in a defend people. But I cannot, as I haven’t the means.

Why am I talking about this? Well, I went looking for a blog post for Project August (because some people refuse to make any suggestions) and in the search I found a post at submissivesuite. The post is titled “dim wit”, and in it the blog’s author says:

i put my blog on lockdown yesterday because i felt that i was getting the “wrong” sort of attention from a person who indicated they were reading my blog by way of my referrals from twitter. 

i felt threatened and violated and like less of a person. it was really quite icky.

and as a new sub, without a TRUE (emphasis on TRUE) Dom to protect her, these types of experiences leave a lasting impression of ickiness.

but i’m opening up the blog again, and i’m not going to stop doing what i’m doing just because some online “dim” thinks “submissive” means “stupid.”

i cede no power to you.

As I read that, I was proud for her. She (and yes, I am assuming the blog is authored by a she) found the inner strength that all good submissives have. And at the same time, I was wondering what sort of schmuck was picking on her.

Something I definitely dislike intensely is the negative attitude some people toward submissive women. They want to treat submissive women as stupid and/or weak, and so they seek to prey upon them in one fashion or another.

And this is where my desire to protect and my wish for massive wealth comes in. I wish I had a the money to make a place or places for submissives to get support and protection. (And for Dominants to get some mentoring, but that is a topic for another day.) I wish I had a way to protect submissives from those who desire to denigrate them, and to help submissives feel supported by those who know what they are and how wonderful and amazing they can be.

I wish I could say to those stupid folks, whether creepy male predators or derisive feminists, that they are all fools. Submission is not about weakness or stupidity. And I would tell those fools that they are fools because they are the ones who are weak and stupid. They seek to denigrate and/or harm those they see as vulnerable. And that is weakness because they seek these things as a means to make themselves feel better. I have little tolerance for bullies.

And make no mistake, many submissives are vulnerable because they are unsure and alone. And I wish I could establish places where they can feel protected and safe. Places where they can learn that they are okay, that they are strong and they are valuable.

Alas, I have not the means to do this.

And to be fully honest, I wish sometimes I had the means to find those who would prey on submissives and to then send someone to give them a good solid sock in the jaw. I do not like those who would prey on submissives, as you may have guessed. I would actually not ever send someone around to hit those people, but sometimes I think it would be nice if I could.

Yes, I know. I am being a chauvinist. Maybe I am wrong in this. But I confess it does not feel wrong. To be against those who truly seek ill for others does not feel wrong. To be against those who are small-minded and hateful does not feel wrong. And to be honest still, I do not believe it is wrong. I believe it is right.

Okay, enough of me patting myself on the back. I am running out of time to get this done while the day is still (for me) Monday.

Seriously, some suggestions of blog posts to which you would like to see me respond, O readers, would help me. I am not making that up, and not understanding why the only blog suggestion I have so far is from a site that sells bondage equipment.

Just a few more days of Project August. But I am not done yet. Will I actually finish? Will I ever get a good suggestion for a post? Will I ever learn to read? Wait… Oh, sorry, got carried away. Will Project August be completed? You will have to keep coming back to find out.

And suggest a post already!

5 Responses to “Project August: Day 26 – To Protect”

  1. “And I would tell those fools that they are fools because they are the ones who are weak and stupid. They seek to denigrate and/or harm those they see as vulnerable. And that is weakness because they seek these things as a means to make themselves feel better. I have little tolerance for bullies.”

    ~applauds~ Hear, hear, Sir!!!! Well said.

    Mind you, it doesn’t help that there is a certain pre-existing mindset re: domination and submission, no thanks to “pop” (ular) porn, etc.

    But never a truer word was spoken… for those who rape, and abuse, are the weak and the powerless.. this is why they do what they do. Alas, this is beyond their ability to understand, or realise that they even need help. Feels for the people that get “caught” in their “traps” (i.e. crap… pardon the language).

    As for a suggestions….. how about needs vs. wants, for a Dominant??


    • Thank you, Deb. I will address that topic eventually. For Project August, however, I need specific posts on other blogs to which I can (and want to) respond. That is one of the (self-imposed) requirements of Project August.

  2. Destree Plummer Says:

    “Why Young Adults Don’t go to Church”  Part(s) one and/or two.



  3. People can be so cruel to submissives sometimes the way people behave is ridiculous just because your different to them they decide to pick on you it was on the news awhile ago that a submissive got beat up just for being a submissive three guys decided to beat her up thankfully the guys are in jail where they deserve to be I hate bullies

  4. Hey, kelly

    Take some solace, being as there is no quick fix to your angst, knowing that bullies are the weak, seeking power. Mentally, emotionally healthy people don’t feel the need to bully.

    You can actually feel sorry for them… but yes, their victims mean that the innocent get caught…. frightul.

    Listen to your gut… and stay safe.


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