Project August: Day 28 – Truth and Beauty and the Ache in My Soul

I have talked before about why a woman would choose to submit. Some folks seem not to understand why a woman in this age would choose such. There is, in some circles, a bit of a stigma in being a submissive woman. And that is unfortunate. At the same time, in many circles being a dominant male is also considered socially unacceptable. Some folks tend to equate being a dominant male with sexism, misogyny and a desire to abuse women. Yes, there are some bullies out there, and weak willed men who lack a sense of self-control or respect. But there are dominant men who are not that way at all. Even so, to claim to be one or to act like one can be much unpopular. So why would a man choose to embrace his dominant nature? Well, that is something I am going to talk about.

The post that is prompting this entry in Project August comes from PostGlow, a blog by a woman who uses the internet handle Suqui. Her post is titled “The Angry Dominant”.

A few days ago I saw him angry. I watched his face turn a color I have never seen before. I heard his voice lower to a tone I have never heard before. I watched the veins in his neck, and arm come to life. It was scary and it was HOT.

It is quite amazing what makes a submissive want to kneel. Seeing him like that, all that perfect masculine power on the verge of explosion (that wasn’t my fault) was by far one of the hottest moments I have ever witnessed.

The best part of all? He turned to me to make it all better. There is such honor in that. Being his haven of reason. Getting a chance to give him a little of what he gives me everyday.

What has this to do with the topic? Her Dominant was honest in his emotional reaction to a situation, and there was no need for little white lies to make everything better. The situation was not a burden to her. It seems like such a little thing, I know. Just one little incident, something barely remembered in the days following perhaps. And in that one little incident was a glimpse of something beautiful.

What the blankity heck am I blathering on about? I will try to explain.

I should say here that I am talking about me mostly, because I cannot say for sure what other Dominants find compelling about about D/s. But I would guess some of them anyway will find some truth in what I am about to say.

I seek truth and beauty. So does everyone else. Well, I seek to know truth as it is, not as I wish it to be. And I seek the things that are beautiful to me. Among the things that are beautiful to me are submissive women. Why? That I cannot explain. But like a fool, I will talk about it anyway.

I find beauty in a sunrise and in a dark thunderstorm. I find beauty in a field of wheat and in a skyscraper. I see beauty in a new flag with bright colors and in an old flag with weary, frayed edges. I hear beauty in trumpets flaring in celebration and in trumpets wailing low in sadness. And if I give myself time to contemplate, I can get teary eyed and feel awe of the beauty of such things.

Yes, I know, This all seems like a loose jumble of nonsense to you. Be patient.

There is beauty in a woman’s sigh. There is beauty in the peace of a submissive woman who waits at one’s feet. There is beauty in the accepting look of a woman with whom one can be honest about who one is and what one desires. There is beauty in the smile of a submissive who is happy because she pleased her Dominant. There is beauty in a woman who is strong enough to be true to her submissive nature even though society tells her not to be. There is beauty in hearing a submissive gladly say “Yes, Sir.” There is beauty in seeing a woman unmask her inner slut.

Yes, there is a certain beauty in the sight of a woman bent over and waiting to be spanked. There is beauty in seeing a pink stripe appear and darken on her ass. There is beauty in a woman who, on her knees, looks up at her Dominant with admiration and devotion. Does it come from her being weak or controlled? It comes from her being strong and submitting.

There is beauty in the peace of an honest D/s relationship without the little white lies that vanilla folks use to patch over all their insecurities. There is beauty in the journey that is discovering just what a submissive holds in her heart and soul. There is a beauty in making her calm when she is anxious. There is beauty in making her aroused when she is calm.

There is a beauty in making her wet and horny and slutty. There is a beauty in seeing her wet and horny and slutty. There is a beauty in watching her experience pleasure. There is a beauty in making her whimper and moan. There is beauty in watching her try to beg when she can barely find the words. There is a beauty in her pleasure when her orgasm is delayed. And a beauty when she loses herself to the pleasure one gave to her.

There are a million things that are beautiful about submissive women. The most beautiful is, perhaps, truth. When you see the truth of her, the truth of her submission. When she opens herself up at long last, and one gets to see the true, raw paradox of her powerful strength and her gossamer fragility. That is beauty no ordinary woman can offer.

When there are no lies and the submissive knows the Dominant in all his strengths and weaknesses, and still she says, “How can this one serve you, Sir?“ that, that O dear reader, is breathtakingly beautiful. When she looks up, and one can see in her face an honest desire to be there for her Dominant, to serve him, to submit to him, despite all his awful flaws, that… oh, that is a thing to rival the most colorful sunset you ever saw or ever will see in all your born days.

And if I give myself time to contemplate, I can get teary eyed and feel awe of the beauty of such things.

And when outside forces conspire to push a Dominant to the edge of his patience, and he can then turn to his submissive and find there the solace that the world tries to steal from him, that is a thing of beauty.

It is part of why a dominant male dares to go against what society says. It is why D/s is worthy and better than the mere vanilla. At least, to my thinking it is.

How the heck and tarnation did I get all that from Suqui’s little post? I can see the beauty in it. It shines out at me like a flashlight. If you cannot see it, then I pity you.

Yet perhaps if you cannot see it, that is for the best. I see it, and I weep. My soul aches with unfulfillable longing. And yet… yet, the truth there in that beauty is real. So I bear the ache, because the beauty of that truth and the truth of that beauty is so very precious to me.

Enough of my blathering. I know I seem a fool. Perhaps I am.

The hour here is late, and I am tired.

No one has yet guessed yesterday’s obscure reference. Are you people just not trying any more?

Good night.

ADDENDUM [August 29]: I just found another bit of writing that illustrates what this post is talking about. To see it, just go to the other end of this link.

14 Responses to “Project August: Day 28 – Truth and Beauty and the Ache in My Soul”

  1. I am stunned and honored that one of my posts prompted such a powerful writing from you. Thanks for stopping by PostGlow, and thanks for writing this piece.

  2. Quote: “Yet perhaps if you cannot see it, that is for the best. I see it, and I weep. My soul aches with unfulfillable longing. And yet… yet, the truth there in that beauty is real. So I bear the ache, because the beauty of that truth and the truth of that beauty is so very precious to me.”

    You’ll find it again, Sir…. it was meant to be… you’re in touch with who you are. Hang in there.

    Just needed to tell you that your post evoked an intense response. Feeling her submissive nature with the natural dominant that she met in the vanilla world…. more than she could ask for!! Feeling all these wonderful things and more….. and the best thing… it gets better/deeper, more real… each time.

    Have faith… i have it in spades for you.

    Always appreciatively

  3. I agree. The freedom, the honesty, the reality, the peace…..I found that in D/s in a way I never found it in a vanilla relationship. It just fits.

  4. So true. I found everything I ever wanted and needed in d/s relationship. I was never happy in vanilla relationships. And I sense you are an amazingly passionate and sweet man. You will have everything you long for again.

    • That is kind of you to say. Thank you.

      • You are welcome, though I was just being truthful. I sense a great deal of passion and sweetness in the things you write. Any woman would be lucky to have you as their dominant. I wish there was more sweetness and kindness in the world yesterday I came home to find someone had painted die and rot in hell you filthy whore on my front door. How childish and pathetic. Just because of how I dress, cause I dress different to them, they get nasty and malicious. Oooops, sorry, gone off topic. As I was saying, you sound really nice and I’m sure one day a woman will see what you have to offer and submit to you.

  5. I’m a submissive, and I’m in love with a dominant, even though right now it’s unrequited. And gosh, reading this gave me the most powerful daydreams ever.

    So many situations you describe that I imagine myself being in with him just make me sigh and moan in pleasure so much. (I have a pretty strong imagination, mind you.)

    I honestly didn’t know there were others who felt that way, or rather that it was remotely normal to want to submit so.

    I thought it was a self-esteem problem, that I needed to stop being like that. Reading this has kind of made me realize that it’s okay for me to be what I am. So uhm, thanks.

  6. One of the most raw, honest and heart-felt pieces I’ve ever read, Dominant or not. If I can find what you described within, then this journey will be worth it. I’m just skeptical that I will find what I’m searching for. But thank you for telling me it will all be worthwhile if I succeed.

  7. […] Liberate One: Diverse, intelligent, wise. Writes sincerely about D/s relationship dynamics, politics, he is well read and puts his opinion across clearly. Oh and there is the occasional erotic tale… This blog drew me into WordPress where I lurked as a silent reader until I couldn’t help it anymore and took the plunge! […]

  8. Vittoria Says:

    May I say this post is breathtaking. As someone who has only stumbled across this site tonight I have devoured every word I have read and it has resonated with me at a level that nothing ever has before. I am only now beginning to realise in my mid 30’s that I too am a submissive woman and rather than allow myself to feel the societally conditioned shame for such a personal revelation I feel a sense of strength and excitement at what my future holds. I feel a congruence and truth when reading your words that I have never experienced in my life. This label of “submissive” is one that none in my real life would attach to me as I am by contrast the opposite in all my other daily activities, however this is also something that I have not allowed myself to see or entertain possible. Thank you immensely for your blog and thank you for all your posts. They are informative and exceptionally well written.

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