Project August: Day 30 – And Now for Something Almost but Not Quite Completely Different

Apparently my emphatic request for help has been ignored. It is disappointing. I did not believe I was asking that much. Oh well. Anyway, tonight something different. What could it be? You’lll have to see on the other side of the jump (as the young folks say these days).

The post I use as a prompt for Project August comes from Once Upon a Screen. I am not sure the post has a proper title. Either way, it is about Ingrid Bergman. If you do not know who that is, shame on you. Get thee to TCM.

Apparently, Ingrid Bergman’s birthday was a couple of days ago, and at Once Upon a Screen was posted some photos and couple of radio adaptations of a pair of her films. Yes, radio adaptations. As in audio theater versions of films she made. And the best part is she was in the radio adaptations too. Go check it out. And in the mean time, I will post some Ingrid Bergman photos.

Ingrid Bergman-01

Ingrid Bergman-02

Ingrid Bergman-05

Ingrid Bergman-06

Ingrid Bergman-08

Ingrid Bergman-09

She was far sexier than many of the current crop Hollywood women the fans all drool over today. Kristen Stewart? Zoe Saldana? Not even in the same ballpark. 

If you submissive females out there ever want to ever want to know how a man likes a woman to look at him, watch “Casablanca” and pay close attention to the way Ingrid Bergman stares at Humphrey Bogart’s face. She watches his whole face, as if her whole mind were focused completely on him.

One more day of Project August. Almost done. One last day to get points offered for previous obscure cultural references.

That is all for tonight. Be good.

2 Responses to “Project August: Day 30 – And Now for Something Almost but Not Quite Completely Different”

  1. Has *never* watched this, although knows it’s a classic. Just never got around to it. Will now tho’… you’ve piqued her interest, Sir…

    Many thanks

  2. Sir, I can still remember the scene where she is looking at him. Something struck me the first time I saw it and it has stayed with me. It has been years since I’ve viewed the movie, probably time for a revisit. Thank you for the reminder, Sir.

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