Plans for the Future

Let us have some updates and some plans for the future. Where is this blog going? The secretary will read the… Oh. Apparently there are no minutes of the previous meeting because this is the first meeting. So, moving right along. Let us commence the first board meeting here at Liberate One World Headquarters. No, wait… I am told there is no board. Just me. Excellent. I can have my way then. Okay, let the first meeting of me for Liberate One World Headquarters commence.

Okay, so, overall and daily average blog views for August were up by a decent margin. That is good. And I got some more followers. Also good.

Posts regarding Dominance/submission are by far the most popular here. Apparently people really like reading those posts that are advice to submissives.

And when I call this Liberate One World Headquarters, I am not kidding. I get views from all over the globe. But I would guess you other bloggers out there get the same thing. Ah, the wonder of the world wide web. (They still call it that, right? No? Oh well.)

So, what are the plans for moving forward? Glad you asked.

One plan is to have more posts for submissives, and also more posts for Dominants. One thing I have gotten a few questions about is more advice for Dominants. So I will try have more advice for Dominants. And I will have some more stories to tell. The “Dream of Extreme Control” story will get an end, and I will consider writing a few other short stories. Some very short, others may linger for a few posts.

And yes, I will be continuing to post about libertarianism. That is not going to change. I will probably be posting about that a couple of times a month, at least.

I am working on an idea for posting at least once a month on scripture and theology. From a Christian perspective of course. I was quite disappointed with what I found when I went looking for theology posts during Project August, and there seems to be a bit of interest me talking about theological issues. And a bunch of what I saw about Christianity and libertarianism did not please me either. Sometimes I will relate my theology lessons to D/s, and sometimes to libertarianism, and sometimes to both. And sometimes to neither.

Okay, that is the overall plan for what will be coming in the future to Liberate One. The floor is now open to questions.

4 Responses to “Plans for the Future”

  1. Serendipity1972 Says:

    No questions! Your plan sounds fantastic to me and look forward to reading all of it!

  2. I must say I have been reading your blog for a while but only just felt I could respond. In fact You inspired me to start my own blog; a journal of my discovery of submission. I want to thank you for your description of yourself as a Dominent which has helped me to begin to accept my submissive self. August was a good month with some outstandingly beautiful posts. Thank you.

  3. sassygirl2425 Says:

    Just wanted to let you know that you have really inspired me on your blogs. I really enjoy reading them and hearing your advice on dom\sub relationships. I really enjoy your d\s relationship blogs. Seeing that i am new to this whole thing about d\s relationships. I really do think this is the type of relationship i been looking for because i am every happy being with him n being his sub. I can most definitely use more tips on how to be a good sub to become a better sub. I have learned alot from your blogs. Looking forward to more blogs post on it. Can’t wait to see what u have coming to us to read..

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