So Many Things to Yammer About

There are several news stories to give one cause for complaint. The gun control nuts annoying everyone again after the shootings at the Navy Yards. The racists who cannot handle a dark skinned woman winning the Miss America contest. Idiots bothering to commemorate the Occupy Wall Street protests as if there was something good about those protests. And a shockingly stupid PR campaign for the POTUS and his handling of Syria. So let’s calmly discuss these things in a fair and balanced… nah. I’m just going to give my opinions.

Gun control nuts are, predictably, trying to use the shooting at the Navy Yards to say we need more gun control laws. The one thing they and so many pundits seem to have missed is that the Navy Yards is the military equivalent of a gun-free zone. So once again, like just about every other mass shooting in the U.S. of the past dozen years or so, we have a mass shooting in a place where the use of guns is strictly controlled. Hm. Maybe, just maybe strictly controlling weapons is not the solution.

Nina Davuluri, a woman with dark brown skin and East Indian ancestry, was named the winner of the Miss America contest. To the racists who object, I say this: You people should be ashamed both of your irrationality and your thoughtless display of idiocy. If a dark skinned woman winning a beauty contest upsets you, the problem is entirely yours.

I also have to ask, though, why the heck does anyone care about the Miss America contest?

A bunch of people got together to commemorate the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Why? I have no idea. While I understand people wanting to protest the bank bailouts, the OWS was little more than a disaster. It accomplished next to nothing politically. It left a giant mess behind. And some girls got raped. Why would anyone think that was worth celebrating? But it meant something to the people who were involved. Yes, and? Don’t pretend it was a great thing when it clearly was not. Learn from your failure and move on. Lying about it only makes it worse.

Have you seen the nonsense being put out there to defend the POTUS’s handling of Syria? The POTUS himself whined that he was just being criticized on his style. Other defenders are claiming that how the President got to this result doesn’t matter. Basically, they are selling snake oil with two main ingredients. One, that the result of Syria letting UN inspectors oversee destruction of chemical weapons is somehow going to solve anything. Two, that incompetence on the part of President Obama is no big deal.

Let that sink a bit. Obama and his State department basically were incompetent in how they handled the issue of chemical weapons use in Syria, and the people defending Obama want you to believe that does not matter. Apparently, the U.S. government wanted Syria to hand over its chemical weapons to the UN, but no one bothered to present that idea to Syria. So Secretary of State John Kerry says, Syria could hand over its chemical weapons to the UN but that will never happen. But then Russia and Syria stop and go, “Hm. Okay, let’s make that happen.” And Obama wants you think it was just his style that was a problem. Which is Obama-speak for, “Oh, um, I totally meant for that to happen. Yeah, that’s it. I meant  to do that.”

Right. And if you believe that this was all what Obama really was trying do all along, I have got a special deal for you. California’s budget problems have caused it to rethink the Golden Gate bridge. The government of California is going to tear down the bridge, sell it for scrap metal and build a new bridge that requires less maintenance and is friendlier to the environment. Unfortunately, the government of California does not have enough money on hand to get this project started. So if you’re willing to contribute to this effort, the government of California will pay you back once the bridge has been torn down and sold for scrap metal. You just need to send large stacks of cash, in small denominations of course, to the You’re-a-Sucker Foundation.

That is all for today, students. Yes, I know, you are all sick and tired of deeply craving more of my pointless blathering inestimable wisdom, but the professor is tired today. But don’t worry. I will post more soon.

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