Yes, October Is Here, and So Am I

I know, I know. You’re grateful to upset at me for my being so selfish and not blathering on about sharing my idiotic nonsense vast wealth of wisdom with you. Well, I am here now. Though this post will be brief.

I could sit here and groan about my problems. But would that do you or me any good? No. So just accept my absence as an absence and let it go at that.

I have not forgotten the plans discussed at the “board meeting“. I am trying to move forward with those. And I owe a couple of posts besides. I will be working on those soon.

Yes, I have a lot I could say about current events, and I will do that soon as well.

If you are a submissive with a Dominant, show your Dominant an extra measure of gratitude today. If he asks you why, just tell him it seemed like a good idea at the time.

If you are a Dominant with a submissive, give your submissive a little something more today. If she asks why, just tell her that her understanding is not required.

Be good.

3 Responses to “Yes, October Is Here, and So Am I”

  1. bebedragon Says:

    Oh I did and so did he, I wonder is he subscribed to your blog too? Or just simply providence. Happy to hear your voice again, much happening and many thoughts with you and all coping with the situation (different country but reading the oddly decreasing news on the topic).

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