Instant Replay in the NFL

I much do dislike the way the NFL uses instant replay. It slows the game down and and is used so often now that sports commentators now feel they need to tell me when the instant replay rules do not apply.

Instant replay should never have been made part of the game. Yes, I know, it is all about being fair and catching bad calls. So? The occasional unfair and/or incorrect penalty calls were part of the game. Human error is part of the game.  Controversial calls are part of the game.

I am guessing that somewhere around the point that professional (American rules) football becomes professional flag football (and yes, I do think that day is coming), the NFL will just eliminate human officiating teams and have the games officiated by computers and a thousand cameras.

But by that point, I will have quit watching the NFL and found some rugby league football to take its place. Unless someone manages to wuss that up too.

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  1. Sir, I wish I had something cute and fun to say about this post… eh, football all that male testosterone running across the field chasing a tiny football as if it is the holey grail just seems a bit oh shall we say absurd. I would think men could find something more entertaining to chase than a football. *wink* but then eventually we’ll all be having sex through virtual reality anyway and be afraid to share our body fluids with each other. Yep football will get there eventually. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on instant replays, Sir, personally I just get tired of commentators and just want to watch the men… um.. I mean.. sport.

    • Well, that seemed cute and fun to me. I get tired of the commentators too. They make nonsense metaphors. I get annoyed with the people directing the camera use at the games too. We get shot after meaningless shot of a player or coach standing around. Why can’t they show me the cheerleaders more often? That is way more entertaining than watching a lineman watch the game from the bench on the sidelines. But I’m biased.

      • Sir, maybe we could convince the encroaching authoritarianism to pass a law, that requires the commentators only so many words per game and have equal number of cheerleader shots as quarterback rear end shots. said with great sarcasm… er.. I mean… respect, Sir.

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