Budget Deals, the Debt Ceiling and other Washington D.C. Nonsense

With some dismay I have watched the politicians in Washington bicker over the past several weeks. The Republican leadership wastes every opportunity to criticize the President and the Democrats. The President, the Democrats, and their apologists continue to say perfectly idiotic things. And all the while, all of them act amazed that anyone would dare find reason to criticize. Poll after poll shows dissatisfaction and lack of confidence in the POTUS and in Congress. Well, here is a clue folks: this is what you get for voting the “practical” politicians into office.

Oh yes, I know, this is all suppose to be the fault of those crazy tea-party politicians. No. This is the fault of the so-called practical politicians who spend, spend, spend and spend some more, running up massive deficits and ballooning the national debt, and turn around and with a straight face claim that the people arguing and willing to fight for fiscal responsibility are the ones undermining the full faith and credit of the United States.

Yes, I am very much saying that the people at fault are President Obama, former President Bush, the Democrats and the Republicans. Yes, I am saying that President Obama should be laughed at for his ludicrous blaming of so-called extreme elements of the Republican party. Yet somehow he and the Democrats are politically winning this fight. Why? Because the “practical” and “moderate” leadership in the Republican party is basically refusing to give the President and the Democrats the public ridicule they deserve.

But we must raise the debt ceiling or those people who don’t want to will have made the U.S. default…. No. No. A thousand times no. The people who are causing these financial problems are the politicians who have spent so much tax-payer money they have put the country into (as of the writing of this post) more than 16.9 trillion dollars in debt. Trillion. As in more than $16,900,000,000,000. That is not a small number. And these people have the audacity to say, “but everyone else raised the debt ceiling,” as if this were an issue to be settled by kindergartners.

This situation is sort of like the alcoholic who agrees to stop drinking after ten drinks, and then, after twenty-five drinks, complains that you’re not being fair when you try to stop him from having any more drinks. The person saying stop is not the one who is being unreasonable.

But the budget deals, why won’t the Republicans… No. While the Republican politicians do share much of the blame for the financial mess we are in, they are not the reason we are facing a budget crisis. The Democrat controlled Senate failed for several years to even pass a budget proper, and President Obama did nothing about it. The blame rests with them. But Republican leadership in Congress, for reasons known only to them, are failing to make the case that the Democrats have done anything wrong except Obamacare.

Basically, the leaders of the U.S. federal government are proving themselves to be largely incompetent, and they are complaining that a few “extremists” are pointing this out. Put another way, the leaders of the U.S. federal government are going about naked, expecting everyone to admire their fine and regal suits, and getting annoyed at the suggestion that they are not actually wearing any clothes.

Hey, United States voters! Guess what. This is your fault. You voted these asinine clowns into office. You voted for Barack Obama, after an incompetent first term, to have a second term. You voted for politicians who failed to get a budget passed, even thought that is their duty. You voted for “practical” and “electable” politicians. And this is what you have ended up with. Now remind me again why I am supposed to believe that the politicians you support are supposedly more reasonable and practical than the libertarian ones. Because honestly, I’m not seeing it.

This is what voting for “practical” and “electable” gets us. My advice. Stop it. Stop voting for these people. They are clearly not practical. No one who thinks practically, or pragmatically, about the world will keep agreeing to mad spending that puts the country well over sixteen trillion dollars in debt. No one with common sense looks at the ramifications and consequences of Obamacare and says, “Yes, this is a good idea.” No one with any sense at all does not ridicule a POTUS who first champions these things and then complains that other people are undermining the full faith and credit of the U.S. So stop voting for these people.

No, I am not telling you not to vote. I am advising that you should stop voting for the kinds of people who enact this kind of madness. Find someone else for whom to vote next time. If you must vote, don’t be a coward about it. Do not fall to the trap of voting for the lesser of two evils. Stop voting for evil! If you desire to vote, by all means vote. But vote for someone good.

Do not vote for someone based on the color of their skin. Or the party to which they belong. Vote for someone who is good. If everyone who said, “I like that guy but I can’t vote for that guy because he is not going to win,” would actually vote for that guy, it would change the political landscape for the better. And that guy might actually win.

Whatever you do, stop voting for fools like Obama and Reid and Boehner. Keeping these fools and fools like them in office is ruining the country. So stop it. Just stop it.

3 Responses to “Budget Deals, the Debt Ceiling and other Washington D.C. Nonsense”

  1. bebedragon Says:

    I do not live in the States and have been struggling to understand this recent situation. Most of what I have read in the media seems bizarre to me with a lot of what appears to be infantile blame games and double standards (the same can be said in my own country governed by idiotic men & women who seem to think they are still in the school yard). The debt that the US is currently in is absolutely unfathomable. Thank you for your perspective it helps me gain greater insight into this shameful situation. I agree, and believe it rings true worldwide, we should be voting on the merits of the individual. Too many people are complacent voters or just want to keep their head in the sand.

  2. It IS like you say “D.C. Nonsense” – they have created this mess and “we the people” just sit here and let it happen. When will the people wake up and Realize that the 2 party system has failed us and continues to do so. In my opinion, government is the problem not the solution. They are bought and paid for by the corporations who run this this country, who run the world – like Monsanto who is poisoning the food we eat – they don’t want us to have a choice, they want us to eat fake food and like it. In my opinion, fluoride in our water, medications that many people are unnecessarily hooked on and gmo foods are keeping the people of this country sick and “sheep-like” and dependent on this 2 party system. Many of the people in this country are too busy watching the latest TV show and they concern themselves with Kim K. and Miley Cyrus and other such things – in my opinion people have been brainwashed to believing that such things are important. It seems people have forgotten (or maybe poisoned by the food they eat) how to think for themselves and they think they need TV and the government to tell them what to eat and what to look like and what to do – all the answers for each of us are Inside each of us – no one knows what is best for you, but you – people have forgotten to get quiet and go within for the answers. If everyone would wake up and remember that LOVE is the reason we are here on this planet, wars would cease to exist, dis-ease would cease to exist, the ridiculousness that our government has become would cease to exist. Life is all about love, peace and respect, love to ALL. When I say Love, I mean it in a different kind of way than what some may think when they think of love – to me, love is an energy that we put out.

    • The two main political parties are not bought and paid for by corporations. They willingly work with corporations. It’s called corporate welfare and cronyism. And now I am going to disappoint you. GM foods are not bad. They are not fake food. They are good. And nothing we eat these days has not been genetically modified in some form or other by either nature or deliberate breeding. And no, fluoride is not polluting our bodily fluids or keeping us sheep-like. And how love would eliminate disease, I do not know. But I appreciate you taking the time to share your ideas. Welcome to Liberate One.

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