An Explanation

I know. Some of you are wondering why of late I have not written more about D/s and of dirty imaginings. I know this because those kinds of posts are always the most popular posts for those who read Liberate One posts. (No, there is no word yet on which posts here are favored by those who do not read Liberate One posts.) Anyway, I feel I owe you, O readers, an explanation. I will try to do this briefly and clearly, but outside of that I make no promises.

In case you do not know, I am currently without a submissive. I am alone. Yes, I have friends and family. I said I am alone, not isolated from humanity. I was not always alone. But it is the case now, and has been for a little while. And usually, that has not been a real problem. But of late, it has been a problem.

When I come to sit at my computer box, and I see the posts of others who have partners and significant others and whatever else is a proper term for it these days, I feel I have little to add to what they say. And I feel a sting.

Before you dismiss me as just whining about being lonely, I am not trying to complain or gin up sympathy. I am just explaining my experience.

Anyway, the result is all that interferes with my desire to write about D/s and things sexual. Which is why I have not written about these things lately.

This is not to say I am giving up on writing about them or that I have nothing more to say. I have plenty more to say, and I will write again on such topics soon enough.

There will be no comments allowed for this post. This post is not here for me to get you to say nice things about me. It is here merely to explain the current situation.

I appreciate your patience in this matter. Thank you for reading my blog.

Have a good day.

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