The Real Problem with Obamacare

Hello students. Yes, I am finally back. Save your applause and celebrations for later. I know, you want more D/s discussions, and there will be some later. Right now, however, I am going to rant about explain what the true and fundamental problem with the ACA (Obamacare) is. All the usual warnings apply: I am libertarian, trust-in-government folks will be offended, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Every one prepared? Okay, let’s begin.

Watching the debacle that is the beginning of Obama care has been sad and amusing. Sad because so many people are getting screwed in entirely predictable and predicted ways. Ways that the Obama administration and its apologists assured everyone would never happen. Amusing because the Obama administration and its apologists have been caught in their lies and are now scrambling to use the flimsiest of excuses as to why they lied.

The other day I talked to someone who used to do IT work for an insurance company. He made an interesting point. If just the simple signing up for Obamacare insurance is so poorly done, just imagine how bad things will be when people actually try to file a claim.

And now I am going to talk about baseball for a few moments. What does that have to do with Obamacare? Just be patient, O reader, and I will explain.

Back in October, the 2013 World Series took place. The two teams in competition were the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. The games placed for the World Series were pretty darn good, in my opinion. But prior to the 2013 season, no one had any idea that this was how things would end up.

ESPN bills itself as “the worldwide leader in sports,” and it’s a rare media success story these days, flush enough with cash to hire Nate Silver away from The New York Times. Back in March, the ESPN web site published the predictions of 43 baseball “experts” on the 2013 season. The experts included some former players such as Nomar Garciaparra and Curt Schilling, along with longtime baseball journalists such as Buster Olney and Tim Kurkjian.

Not a single one of ESPN’s 43 predictions had either the Red Sox or the Cardinals in the World Series.

Sports Illustrated magazine, home of the world-famous swimsuit issue, offered its own team of seven experts, with their own predictions. “’s baseball experts fill you in on everything you need to get ready for 2013,” the magazine promised.  Alas, not a single one of Sports Illustrated’s seven “baseball experts” picked either the Red Sox or the Cardinals to make it to the World Series.

The Baseball America Web site has its own team of ten editors, with their own predictions. Not a single one of them picked the Red Sox to go to the World Series, and only one of them, Jim Callis, called the Cardinals.

So, of the 60 baseball “experts” in total, not a single one of them picked the Red Sox to win the American League pennant. Only one of the 60 picked the Cardinals to win the National League pennant.

That is from an Ira Stoll article at

These people who made these predictions are all highly knowledgeable about baseball. They study the game, know its ins and outs, know the players and coaches, and all kinda stuff like that there. And not one of them guessed that the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox would be competing in the 2013 World Series championship.

Why? Because the season long competition that is Major League Baseball is a complex system that involves unpredictable events. And because we human beings have finite minds that cannot accurately guess all outcomes of complex systems.

Okay, you may be saying, but what does that have to do with Obamacare? How does this give us a clue to he fundamental problem with the ACA?

Health care on a nation wide level is a complex system that involves unpredictable events. And the “experts” in Washington D.C. are only human beings, and therefore cannot make a competent top-down solution for handling or “fixing” health care in the U.S. Which is what the ACA is supposed to accomplish.

It is based on the flawed premise that experts in government can make decisions for everyone else and thereby create a better system. As anyone who has gone through high school English classes should know, a flawed premise leads to false conclusions.

But health care isn’t baseball. Of course it isn’t. And yes, I know, the health care industry in the U.S. has problems that need to be addressed. But the vast majority of those problems stem from the interference of government into health care. The reason many doctors across the country are refusing to accept Medicaid and Medicare is not because they don’t care about helping people. Just the opposite in fact. These government programs have made providing health care more costly.

And now the government says that to reduce health care costs, the government needs to be involved to a much greater degree. What is that saying about doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results?

Basically the government is lying to us. Government interference has not made health care better, and more government interference is not going to fix all the problems that have been caused by government interference.

But don’t you care, some of you may be asking. Don’t you want people to get health care when they need it? Sure I do. But the people who have been bringing health care costs down are people who have opted out of government programs. That is illustrated by this example from a article by Jim Epstein:

Because bills charged by Integris [Baptist Medical Center] are paid primarily by insurance companies or the government, the hospital gets away with gouging for its services. Reason obtained a bill for a procedure that Dr. [Jason] Sigmon performed at Integris in October 2010 called a “complex bilateral sinus procedure,” which helps patients with chronic nasal infections. The bill, which is strictly for the hospital itself and doesn’t include Sigmon’s or the anesthesiologist’s fees, totaled $33,505. When Sigmon performs the same procedure at the Surgery Center [of Oklahoma], the all-inclusive price is $5,885.

For those of you who are trust-the-government types, that is a difference of $27,620.

If the goal is to bring the costs of health care and health insurance down, then the solution is clearly not more government interference. But that is the solution that Obama and his gang of politicians and bureaucrats have pushed into law. And as reward for this stupidity and incompetence, the U.S. voted Obama into a second term. And now we are seeing the very beginning of the bad but entirely predictable results of this “solution”.

Sadly, this means that for the foreseeable future, we will be suffering with the consequences of this bad law, and the lies to tell us it really is good, and the further government top-down solutions to fix all the problems exacerbated and created by the ACA, and the lies to tell us how those fixes are really good, and on and on and on. This is what comes from putting “realistic” and “electable” politicians into office. Way to go, America.

But then, who knows what the future may bring? Perhaps I will be proven wrong, and more libertarian minded folks will be elected, and we will finally see an effort to truly pare back the government. Life is, after all, a complex system that involves unpredictable events. One never knows, do one?

Okay, students, I am going to try to have a post or two about D/s related matters up tonight and/or tomorrow. And perhaps, if you are all good, I will finally get the next part of the “Dream of Extreme Control” story posted soon as well. Be good, students, and be good students. (See what I did there?) You Dominants out there, gift your submissives with a little extra “punishment” and tell them you did it just because you can. You submissives out there, find a extra special way to show your gratitude to your Dominants and tell them you did it just because they can. (See what I did there?) And if you’re a Dominant without a submissive, or a submissive without a Dominant, well, just leave a comment with questions or suggestions for future posts. Not as much fun for you, I know, but I’ll be pleased. And really this is all about me. (Kidding. Sort of.)

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  1. I am not sure if I have permission to comment… I think even the most accomplished team of actuary’s would struggle to predict the potential fallout from something as vast as this topic. A pleasure to read your words again.

  2. Sorry, I was sort of joking playing with your last paragraph 🙂

  3. Hi yes its me the hopeless new subbie trying to learn to be a good subbie asking more questions again keeping a journal as you suggested works great by the way thanks I have two problems right now was hoping you could advise me one I do love being submissive however sometimes I have compulsive desires to break the rules ive been given leading naturally to me being punished I don’t understand why I feel I have to to this as I don’t like being punished I really struggle to accept punishment why do submissives feel compelled to break rules ? Sometimes how can I I better accept punishment ? Also my dominant is going to be spending time with me and my very vanilla prudish family im nervous not sure how that’s going to work I do trust him to show discretion when around my family but I blush easily
    Im afraid I may give things away is there anyway I can better control my reactions ? So not to blush so easily

    • Took me a while to break apart that run-on sentence. Sometimes you feel compelled to break the rules even though you do not like the punishment. I would suggest that very likely what you do like is the attention and the control. My advice would be to find other ways to earn attention and other ways to experience the control. How can you better accept punishment? Try to remember that a punishment is an opportunity to learn. As for how to control your reactions with your family, I would advise that you not try to hide things from view, and merely apply a little misdirection. In other words, do not try to avoid blushing, embrace it. If you try to hide it, you will look like you are hiding something. Be blushing because you adore your Dominant, because he makes you feel good and happy, not because you have something to hide.

      • Wow great advice I didn’t have myself down as an attention seeker but as I tend to misbehave when im bored maybe hummn misdirection never thought I never thought of that maybe will try to remember punishment is part of learning thanks for the advice ha ha sorry about my grammar I suck at grammar

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