A Dream of Lust #3 – Not Safe For Work

Please be advised, this post is classified as Not Safe for Work by the official Liberate One Worldwide Headquarters Board of Classifying Stuff. In the course of describing dirty, lascivious and very possibly licentious actions, naughty words have been used. Please do not read if you are judgmentally puritanical or have a nosebleed lasting for more than four hours. In either case, please see a doctor as soon as possible, as these may be signs of serious problems needing immediate medical attention. This post should be considered (I hope) dirty, sexy, and (if I have done this well) extremely arousing. The scene depicted herein is entirely fictional, and no resemblance to real people or places is intended or implied. Reader discretion is an absolute necessity. You have been warned. Proceed at your own risk.

 – – – – –

He stepped into the hotel room. There she was, just as he had told her to be. She was kneeling ten feet from the door. She had on a white, tight t-shirt, on which was printed the phrase “slut for Master” in bold red letters right across her breasts. She wore also a red microskirt and white thigh-high boots. She was kneeling with her knees together and her arms behind her back. He smiled.

He calmly removed his coat and hung it on the coat rack before he stepped toward her. He said nothing as he walked around her. He walked slowly in a circle around her kneeling form, looking over every part of her. Each time he passed in front of her, he saw her head move slightly as she watched his feet. He also saw that her nipples were slowly stiffening under her tight shirt. 

His cock had been semi-hard before he had walked in. All day he had been anticipating what she would look like, and she had not disappointed. She was there, kneeling as he had told her to kneel, wearing what he had told her to wear. And now his cock was rock hard as he continued to slowly walk around her.

He paused behind her. She started to turn her head, but stopped herself. He smiled. He resumed walking around her. He could guess that she would be wondering about what he was thinking, and he wanted that. He wondered if she was aware that the longer he walked around her, the more she was arching her back and pushing out her chest. He grinned. 

“Your appearance is acceptable‚” he said as he finally stopped walking and stood before her. “Now let us see if you remembered the rest of your instructions. Stand up.”

She was slow to stand, but whether she was feeling weak or just being sexy, he could not tell. She stood with her feet shoulder width apart. She raised her arms and crossed her wrists above her head. Her nipples were making very obvious peaks under her shirt. He began to walk around her once more. She whimpered, and he smiled.

He looked her over from her hands down to her shoulders, from her face down to her breasts, from her chest to her abdomen, from her waist to her thighs, from her ass to her feet. She looked better than he had imagined. He was tempted to slam her against the wall and fuck her hard, but he just smiled.

He paused behind her once more, and lightly touched her at the base of her neck. He slowly slid his finger down her spine, and got to hear the erotic sound of her whimpering sigh. His finger slid all the way down to her waist and was then joined by the rest of the fingers of his hand as he slowly cupped her left ass cheek. He squeezed her flesh hard, and he was rewarded with her whispered moan of “oh God.” He slapped her ass. 

“I did not give you permission to speak,” he said coldly. But he smiled. She was reacting just as he expected, and, in truth, just as he wanted. He leaned forward to breathe on the back of her neck. She trembled. He put his mouth next to her ear. “You are beautiful,” he whispered. “I want to push your body up against the wall and fuck you. Hard. My cock hard and firm, pushing into you over and over.” He grinned as he listened to her whimper. “You are trembling, my little slut. Is there something you would like to say?”

She nodded her head.

“Say it,” he said after several moments, just to make her wait.

“Please, Master,” she said softly “please, fuck me.”

“I did not hear all of that.” That was not true. He heard all of it. He grinned. “Say it louder, slut girl.”

“Please, Master, fuck your slut.” Her voice was full of her arousal and her desire.

He felt his cock becoming uncomfortable in his pants. He wondered if she had any idea just how beautiful she was in this moment.

“Not yet, my little slut girl,” he whispered to her ear. She shuddered.

He finally walked around to stand in front of her. He looked over her body slowly. Her breasts were pushed toward him, and her shirt was stretched across her chest. Her nipples were clearly stiff and darkened under the thin, white fabric of the shirt. The shirt clung to her form down to her waist. There was a stripe of her bare skin below the shirt, and then her red microskirt began. But it was barely long enough to cover her crotch. His gaze moved over several inches of the soft skin of her thighs before it came to her thigh-high boots. The boots were white and snugly laced up the side with red ribbon. The heels of the boots were narrow and tall and bright red.

“Mmm,” he said with a smile, “you do look delicious.”

“Thank you, Master,” she said softly.

He reached out and began to trace the letters that were printed on her shirt. She shivered and whimpered. He smiled and moved his finger slowly, deliberately letting her feel the tip of his finger trace the shape of each and every letter.

“Tell me what these words are on this shirt I allowed you to wear,” he said as he traced the letters.

“S-slut… oh God… Slut for Master.” She trembled as she spoke.

“Is it true?” he asked as he began to trace the words once more. “Are you my own slut?”

“Yes, Master.” She whimpered and shivered.

He stepped back to look her over once more, to fix the sight of her in his mind. Her arms were still raised, with her wrists crossed over her head. Her feet were still shoulder width apart. In her tight shirt, microskirt and boots, with her body clearly aroused and trembling, she was a thing of beauty and an object of lust.

“Leading position, slut,” he said with a smile. He watched her lower her arms and cross her wrists behind her. She bent over at the waist until her torso was parallel to the floor. “Good slut,” he said as he grabbed her hair and led her toward the bedroom. It was time to begin.

– – – – –

Time to begin? Begin what? Well, there is more to this dream. But I think I will not tell it just yet. But if you are very good indeed, I may post more of it soon.

You may have noticed this is written entirely from the perspective of the male Dominant. I did that for a reason. What reason? I’m glad you asked. I am hoping some of you will write what you think would be the female submissive’s side of this story. And, of course, then tell me about it so I can read what you have written. I hope that you will, at the very least, leave a comment to say what you think of the story so far. How else am I to know if you are being good enough to be rewarded with the more of the story?

And no, I have not forgotten about “A Dream of Extreme Control”. I should have a finish for that ready soon. If you are good, I might even post it for you to read.

Have a lusty day.

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  1. I appreciated what you wrote.

  2. Hi, Sir

    Bravo! As usual. This one always enjoys your dreams…. x

  3. Sir, that is so very sexy. Food for thought indeed.

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  5. A challenge I may have to accept …….

  6. […] wrote the following in acceptance of a challenge put forth at the end of this post, Liberate One’s A Dream of Lust 3.  It is written in the perspective of the submissive featured in his story.  I sincerely […]

  7. misbehavin Says:

    Sub point of “dream”:
    As I wait here for his arrival my knees weak pressing into the floor of the hotel room,my toes have lost feeling inside my hooker boots, I check the clock over a thousand times forever and a day has gone by. I can barley kneel anymore yet I fear the moment I move is the moment he’ll come through that damn door leaving me unsatisfied at satisfying him due to my impatience.More than a million insecurities run through me , I feel l look silly but this is what he wanted right ? god I hope I did this right (inner monologue) fuck I hope I can walk in these shoes when I do stand, my tits are a disgrace, I want to scream because I can barley kneel much longer. wait oh my god is that him coming down the hall, is that the door I hope it isn’t the maid or someone with the wrong room key. The door opens – oh thank god ! It’s him, and I am so relieved, I almost collapse but now with renewed energy, and happy as well. Now concerned I may not be a pleasing as he wants visually.As he walks around me I worry that he does not find me appealing and I begin to feel I have disappointed him. Right then he reassures me and I am thankful for that message as he must have read my body language. Ok, now how to stand gracefully ?, no I got this , I can do it , slow and steady… Ok there, I am up and still graceful! I was right though walking is going to be difficult as my feet had begun to fall asleep in my kneeling position. I want him to take me , take me now with all his force, strength and presence. Why do I have to wait am I not pleasing to him? I ask too many questions in my own head forgetting myself when he grabs my flesh as I release and speak out in desire. He says what he wants to do with me and I yearn for it, I find it hard not to move my hips in a silent plea for his touch I tremble, he sees this – he leads me – oh thank you I cant take the wait much more.
    This is what runs in my mind , may not be how you were expecting a response but this is what goes through my mind.
    Thank you I really like these stories.

  8. I took up your challenge before reading the others. It’s so interesting the different perspectives we all took. Thank you for the creative writing practice. It’s very different from anything I’ve written before, and a bit long. I hope there aren’t word limits on replies.

    Dream of lust #3, submissive’s view

    She lay by the pool, enjoying the sound of quiet splashes, the sun, the early afternoon breeze. She new Master would like the light tan she was getting. She’d been very careful about sunscreen, like he’d told her. She knew this trip would be stressful for him and was pleased he’d brought her with him. Such a kind Master.

    A quiet buzzing sound from her phone immediately got her attention and a shiver ran up her spine. She knew it would be a message from Him.

    “I’ll be back at 6:00. Wear the outfit I allowed you to choose; the one you picked to please me. Use the time until then to think about the ways this Master’s slut gets used”

    A smile lit up her face. She had been worried about her choice, but she hopes she’d done well. “Yes, Master,” she whispered as she typed her reply.

    She put on her outfit. It was her white shirt that said, “Slut For Master” on it. She remembered a time when her shame mixed with her excitement at those words. She’s glad the shame is gone, and wonders why it ever existed. She’s proud to be his slut. She shimmied into the tiny red skirt she secretly felt made her ass look too big, but knew he loved, and her new white boots. The red ribbons matched perfectly. She looked into the mirror, reading the words, “Slut for Master….Master’s slut.” The thoughts rolled through her mind; excitement built inside her. “Yes. I am Master’s slut.”

    She picked a spot inside the room where he’d see her as he came in and kneeled the way He liked. He’s be here soon. Memories of how He used her flashed through her mind -mouth, flogger, fingers, cock. Just a few of the thoughts she’d been enjoying for hours. Her heart sped, she closed her eyes and breathed. The sound of the card in the door caused a hitch in her breath and wetness to drench her.

    He walked through the door. Anticipation and desire drummed through her. She followed him with her eyes as her circled her. God, she hoped he liked her choice. She felt her nipples tighten as circled again. Unconsciously she arched her back, reaching to him the only way she could, instinctively acting in a way Master loved his slut to.

    “Your appearance is acceptable,” he finally said. Relief raced through her as he stopped in front of her. “Now, let us see if you remembered the rest of your instructions.”

    She slowly stood up. The boots were lovely, but the height of the heel made the journey a precarious one. The slowness of her movements, though, made her aware of how her body moved, made her think of how He saw her. She stood in position. She wished she could see his face, his eyes, know his reaction. She wished he would touch her… fuck her…use his slut. Instead he started to circle her again and a small whimper escaped her lips, knowing that patience would difficult. The mental images flashed of the last time he used His slut. In her mind words formed a chant, “Slut for Master…use me Master…oh, God, Fuck your slut…”

    He stopped behind her and lightly touched the base of neck, then slid down her spine. The brief contact shot desire through her. Heart racing, breaths shallow, words chanting, He grabbed her ass making part of her internal chant audible. “Oh, God,” she quietly moaned before she could stop herself.

    “I did not give you permission to speak,” he said coldly, but the smack on her ass told her he wasn’t upset. She loved the feel of his hard hand warming her ass. “Again,” she thought in her mind, “please Master, again.”

    “You are beautiful,” he whispered as he put his mouth to her ear. “I want to push your body up against the wall and fuck you. Hard. My cock hard and firm, pushing into you over and over.” She heard herself whimper as she thought “Yes. That. I want that.” Desire burned through her, drenched her, caused her to tremble.

    “You are trembling, my little slut. Is there something you’d like to say?” She nodded her head, waiting for permission, anticipation building.

    “Say it.” Her throat was dry from panted breaths. Quietly she replied, “Please Master. Please fuck your slut.”

    “I did not hear all of that,” he teased. She could hear the smile in his tone. “Say it louder, slut girl.”

    Oh god, she thought. Yes, I am His slut. “Please Master, fuck your slut,” she said loudly, knowing how much she wanted him, needed him, was there in her voice.

    “Not yet, my little slut girl,” he whispered in her ear. Even that light touch sent shivers down her body. He continued his walk around her and stopped in front of her. She imagined what he saw: Her slut girl shirt and tiny skirt. His slut standing proudly on display for Him. A package designed for his pleasure.

    “Mmm, you do look delicious,” he said with warmth and desire in his voice.

    “Thank you, Master,” she replied, pleasure streaking through her at his approval. With her eyes down, she saw his hand reach out to her shirt. Slut for Master. Yes. This one is Master’s slut. Master loves to fuck his slut she thought as her nipples tightened further with each quick contact.

    “Tell me what these words are on this shirt I allowed you to wear.”

    Her excitement made it hard to speak. “S-slut..oh god…Slut for Master,” she answered, feeling her body shake in need.

    “Is it true?” He asked, still tracing the letters, “Are you my own slut?”

    “Yes, Master,” she replied, feeling it, knowing it, filled with the pleasure of it. She was His slut. His.

    He dropped his hand and stepped back. She waited, excitement racing, orgasm close. Finally, his voice, “Leading position, slut.”

    “Yes, Master,” she thought as she moved her body. She vaguely wondered how Master would use her, but the thought drifted away as he said, “Good girl.” The joy of him being pleased replacing it as he led his slut to the bedroom.

  9. Sir, I wrote from the female submissive side, it can be found here: http://breatheinmytouch.wordpress.com/2014/04/29/a-dream-of-lust-3/ May your day be beautiful and bring you as much joy as this story gave me. Thank you Sir for sharing it and challenging us to write our own version.

    • Well done. Thank you. Someone else also wrote something for it a short while back. I will have to get the second part of that story finished up soon.

      • Sir, This was a challenge I enjoyed. I’ve written before with another person in a sort of collaboration and both have been uniquely interesting. Where the other one was just pure fun, this one was erotic and spoke to my submissive. Thank you Sir. I look forward to reading the next part.

  10. vivienne Says:

    I must admit I have yet to begin my role as a dom at the request of my boyfriend. I am doing my research and find a dirth of information on male dom roles and very little on female dom roles that do not teeter on the stereotype. I would appreciate resources of your high caliber for women new to the dom role and erotica in the same vein.

    • I will consider writing some information for female dominants, but I do not have a lot of experience with that dynamic. That said, I think most of my advice for Dominants should apply to females as much as males. As for erotica with a female dominant and a submissive male, I doubt I could oblige you. But I thank you for thinking enough of my writing skills to ask.

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