It’s January? Already?

Yes, dearest readers, I know. You have longed for my return. What? You haven’t? But how am I going to feed my ego? You were just kidding? Okay. Good. Had me worried for a moment that this whole blog was pointless frivolity. Whew. Now where was I? Oh yes. You have been waiting with hungry souls for… Nah. You were getting along just fine without me. But I came back anyway. Like that one old cat who just won’t quit coming by the house because he hopes you will leave some food out.

So where have I been? Trying to get somethings done. Trying to figure some things out. Trying to let go of some illusions.

Illusions can be hard to release. Which is foolish, because illusions are by definition illusory. Which is to say, they are insubstantial and therefore insignificant. Yet we let them inflate, or deliberately inflate them. When the time comes that one realizes the illusion for what it is, it has become something that seems large and satisfying, and so releasing it seems to leave a large hole. Yet this too is an illusion. The illusion was never satisfying. It was never fulfilling a need or desire. It was only masking dissatisfaction with more illusion.

What does all that mean? It means letting go of illusions can seem difficult but is nonetheless necessary. We should root out illusions and release them. Why? So we can make room for things of true substance and value that will bring us genuine satisfaction.

But enough philosophical rambling.

I am back. I will be attempting to post on a more regular schedule. I am trying to make many changes. But one at a time.

To those who may have wondered what has happened to me, nothing important has occurred. I am physically okay. Emotionally less so, but there is nothing to be done except move forward. And so I am endeavoring to do that.

I hope you all had a safe and satisfying holiday season. And I wish you all a good and prosperous new year.

Find some happiness. Find some joy. May the pain and sadness you encounter make your happiness and joy all the sweeter.

Be good, readers.

8 Responses to “It’s January? Already?”

  1. Desiree G Says:

    Welcome back. You were, indeed, missed. No illusions there.

  2. Wonderful to hear your voice again! I agree with Desiree, you were indeed truly missed let your ego be a little stroked on that point. This is a wonderful post, illusions indeed are hard to remove like weeds with deep slippery roots, it is a very worth while task but not pleasant. Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous New Year and strength for the moving forward.

  3. Xajow,

    Indeed it is January…

    The first question may have been rhetorical? Sorry…

    And indeed you were missed my friend…

    Let us aspire for a wonderful prosperous and emotionally healing new year!

    Welcome Back!

    Mr. Fox

  4. miss curious Says:

    Hello Sir,
    I’ve have just recently discovered your blog. As a new sub, I find your posts very helpful and informative. Glad to see you’re back.
    Take care

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