It’s My Blog, and I’ll Rant If I Want To

Yep. This will be a rant. Read it or don’t.

Some months back. a woman for whom I have sometimes done some work got offended because I sighed when she brought up a task. She then belittled my work, though perhaps without intending to do so. So to clear the air, I apologized to her and not only accepted but claimed all the blame for that situation. Her response was little more than more insults. I let it go. Later, equipment I use regularly is damaged due to abuse done by (at the time) unknown others. So in my attempt to take care of the repaired equipment, this woman was offended that I dared imply she might have been in any way responsible. Again, I pretty much let it go. (She was not responsible, but I had no way of knowing that at the time.)

Late Thursday afternoon I get an e-mail from the woman saying, essentially, this:

I am going to use the XxXxx curriculum for the program I run and will be needing a specific set media to be ready on Sunday [today].  This new curriculum uses more media than the one we used to use, so if you are unable to have it ready, please let me know. If I can’t have it up and ready, that will cause problems.

Notice that nowhere in there does she mention that she is coming to me rather late in the week to ask for something to be read on Sunday. Which might not seem a big deal, but given that I already have work to fill my Friday and Saturday, it actually is. And yes, she should know this.

So I got the rest of my other work done, and I spent plenty of hours to make sure the media she requested was in order and ready to be used. About an hour or less before she intends to make use of this media, she tells me, “I am not going to use all of it.” Why would she not use all of it? Basically because she was not prepared to do what the curriculum called for (whether through negligence or choice, I have no idea).

To this announcement I replied probably with some frustration but still calmly, “Information that would have been helpful yesterday.”

Her response was to tell me I should go because she is tired of being treated like an idiot.

I suppose I should be able to tell you I was calm and collected, and that I conducted myself like gentleman. I cannot because I did not.

With much more frustration than before, I asked her how she thought she was treating me. She said she thought she treated me as she would like to be treated. I expressed a high degree of skepticism. I began to protest. Before I could get more than a few words out, she said she would handle it all herself, and was formally requesting I never help her again. In all this, she reiterated once or twice more that she was tired of being treated like an idiot.

I was more than frustrated and unhappy by this point. I was angry. I told her to shut up. No, I was not polite about it. Yes, I said the words “Shut up!”

She exited. I gathered my things, and I also exited. Angrily.

This all seems like a rather calm explanation for a rant, you might be thinking. The ranting begins now.

I am am f—ing tired of dealing with this woman. And  I deny that I have ever treated her like an idiot. I have been annoyed with her constant attitude that my work is not important, but I have always done what I can do my job as best as time and my abilities allow.

That she is offended by my frustration with her attitude is, in point of fact, idiotic. I take insult after insult from her. She is late to ask for work to be done, and when I have done it, then she explains she did not need all of it to be done. My mild expression of frustration at this causes her not to apologize but to start accusing me of treating her like an idiot. Frankly, I think if she does not want to be treated like an idiot, then perhaps she should consider not acting like an idiot.

I will no doubt be criticized by leadership for my response to her. But I am at the end of my patience with her. I have tried to mend fences with her. I did what she asked me to do, even though I could have said no. And she is offended? Really?

She actually wants to complain that I treat her like an idiot? Really?

She wants to complain about how I treat her? After all the insulting remarks I have taken? After her belittlement of my work and my desire to do it well, she wants to complain that I have treated her like an idiot?

And without a single apology or even any indication that she felt in any way sorry for asking me to get the media ready for her and then telling me she is not going to use most of it.

I have no more patience for this.

I have had enough.

And the leadership will understand that quickly if they choose to criticize me in this situation. I will not let this go any longer.

I can put up with a lot of disrespect because I know I have many failings. And I know my position is lowly. But my patience is finite, and she has reached the very end of it.

Likely she will soon discover just what I do think of the way she has treated me. And she will probably object. Unfortunately for her, I no longer give a goram flying f–kity damn about preserving her feelings. She tossed that opportunity out the window.

And if leadership does come to me to talk about the situation, they will find I am no longer trying or willing to appease her or them over this matter. The time for going along to get along has passed. The time has come for some direct honesty, about this situation and related matters.

And we will see if their talk about courage and respect and service actually means something, or if it is all rhetoric.

This post is already over 1000 words. I will stop now. I hope your day was better than mine.

Be good, chilluns. 

8 Responses to “It’s My Blog, and I’ll Rant If I Want To”

  1. Not “liking” because of the topic of your rant…but that you ranted at all.

    • Thank you. Yes, it is nice to be back. I have suffered the slings and arrows to my soul for long enough. The time has come to take arms against the sea of things that trouble me, and by opposing perhaps not end them but at least strike a blow for my own peace of mind.

      Does that make sense? I am not sure. I am tired. I need beer. Beer and something else, but beer at least I can get.

      Anyway, thank you, Kayla. I hope someone you know will tell you to your face how sweet and lovely you are. Then someone at least would get the pleasure of seeing you smile and perhaps blush.

      I am so tired. I better stop before I sound drunk. (Or is it too late for that?) I have not even gotten to the beer yet.

  2. From what I know of you, you are a good man. It appears you have tried your best with an incredibly frustrating situation. I say don’t take the slings and arrows anymore it’s time to protect your soul.

    I have someone in my work place always trying to tell me how to do my job. She drives me crazy because I do my job quite well and her input is not necessary it is simply a power play. I find it hurtful and as though she thinks I am not capable. I’ve realised just recently that actually she thinks she is incapable and by displaying power over me makes her feel better. That’s not my problem and I won’t put up with anymore of it. But I have found that I treat her differently now and she is changing her interactions with me. I think this woman you are dealing with probably thinks she is an idiot and her interactions with you make it more obvious to herself (not because of anything you are doing just that she can see it).

    Patience is finite especially with those that expect the world in a moments notice and are careless and rude when you move heaven and earth to provide it. Best of luck with this situation.

  3. Hi sorry to hear you had a rough time at work the best thing about the end of a work day is leaving work and work related problems at work leaving you free to relax breathe count to ten if it doesn’t work first time try again then relax hope you enjoy rest of your day

  4. You are clearly a respectful person. That was the kindest “rant” I have ever read.

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