It Is Finished

Worry not my good (and bad) students. Your arrogant most humble professor is not ending this blog. But the situation discussed in my previous two posts is now at an end. The training was successful. I turned in my key. And I left. No long post today. Just this note to update all my readers. Dominants, kiss your submissives good and hard today. Submissives, tell your Dominants just how much you enjoy serving them. I am going to go relax, and possibly get drunk later. Be well, students.

3 Responses to “It Is Finished”

  1. It’s good to be free, isn’t it? Having just cut some ties recently myself all I can say is onward and upward. I will take your advice and let my Dominant know how much I love serving him and I will join you in a few drinks as well! Salute and Le Chaim!

  2. Desiree G Says:

    Wishing you well on your new path. (And getting drunk sounds like a great idea to me!)

  3. Enjoy that drink. Have one for the past and a few for the celebration of a new future.

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