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What? A Dominant asking for feedback!? Yeah. You got a problem wi’that? You wanna take dis outside, bub? I’ll be waiting for you. [pause] Okay, now that all the “alpha dogs” are outside, I can continue. There are a few things I am going to put before you, O readers, because I want your input. Don’t worry. This is nothing major. I am not looking for expert advice. Just let me know what you think. Yes, even you, there in the back, looking timid and nervous. I want your thoughts too.

First up, Twitter. I do not have a Twitter account. I have never had one. Why? I have no idea what good, if any, having a Twitter account would do for me. But, I am considering getting a Twitter account. Is it good? Is it bad? What is the benefit? Would you follow my Twitter feed (or whatever it is called)?

Next, theology posts. I am finally ready to start putting up some theology posts semi-regularly. And I even have a few ideas about where I will start. But I want to have a name for these posts, a title, as a regular column for in a newspaper or magazine might have. I could call it “Sunday School” or “Bible Study with Xajow” but those are kind of boring. I do not usually have a problem coming up with titles, but for some reason for this I am not getting any great ideas. Any suggestions you might have are welcome.

I am considering doing a monthly movie review. Mostly, I would be talking about classic films and older films, pre-1980s. I would be assessing the plots and characters and movie craft, but also things like representations of gender and race, politics, moral messages, and all kinda stuff like that there. Would anyone be interested in that?

Also, I am considering having monthly assignments for submissives. And by assignments, I mean relatively small tasks that I hope will help submissives learn and grow. The way this would work is basically that a submissive would agree in the comments to accept the assignment, and then later talk about fulfilling the assignment. Some assignments may require proof of completion, but nothing that would intrude on the submissive’s privacy would be required.

Of course, I may also post the occasional assignment for Dominants. And by assignment, I mean a suggestion for a specific sort of task that might help the Dominant learn something about himself, his submissive or his relationship with his submissive. (Or herself, et cetera. Yes, my language is old fashioned, but I am not excluding female Dominants or male submissives. Or transgendered Martians with tentacle fetishes.) And yes, I would ask for Dominants to leave comments talking about the results of doing the assignment. And of course nothing that would intrude on the Dominant’s privacy would be required.

Any and all feedback is welcome. Like an idea, don’t like it, ambivalent towards it: let me know. Got questions? Something you would like to see me address here? Let me know. Here at Liberate One World Headquarters, we (all one of me) are working on improving this site and the content here to be helpful to our readers. After all, you suffer through thoroughly enjoy my inane eloquent libertarian rantings discourses. You should also be able to get some annoyance benefit from my idiotic foolishness reason, wisdom and knowledge in other areas too.

Don’t be shy. I won’t bite (this time). And you won’t hurt my feelings. Let me know what you think.

And thank you in advance for taking the time to leave a comment.

30 Responses to “Asking for Feedback”

  1. Desiree G Says:

    Not really sure why you’d want my opinion, but here goes:
    I have a Twitter account — but it is unused and will likely remain that way until the day I submit to a smart phone. So, Twitter would be a no-go for me.
    No ideas for the theology titles.
    I would certainly read the movie reviews.
    I would probably bypass the submissive and dominant assignments as I am currently neither.

    There — hope that helps in some small way. 🙂

  2. Serendipity1972 Says:

    Hi Xajow,

    Loving all your ideas.

    No, to Twitter for me. Don’t get along with it.

    Bible – only thing I can think of is something around Dom Disciple’s but that’s rubbish. Looking forward to posts for that though. I am very interest in how D/s links into spirituality.

    Yes to films especially if their is some possible underlying D/s related themes.

    Yes to assignments. Could be interesting.

    Another of my interests includes music. I have a D/s playlist and music also has lots of representations, although often these are open to interpretation. Just a suggestion for another avenue. Probably not your thing.

    Looking forward to your posts!


    • From your and Kelly’s suggestions, I think I may have thought of an idea for a title for the column.

      (Yes, dear readers, that is correct. A libertarian [me] just asked for and got help from other people. And it all happened without violating my libertarian beliefs. Yes, really.)

      (Oh, and yes, dear D/s skeptics, a Dominant [me] just asked for and got help from other people. And it all happened without me having to step out of my “role” of Dominant. Shocked? You shouldn’t be.)

      Anyway, thank you for the feedback.

  3. mastergotlulu Says:

    Well I’ll still off with I am new to the whole dom/sub relationship.. I actually just started this account about 2 days ago I want to say.. But when I started this journey with My Sir I would have to tell u this is where I came read about the d/s relationship. When I first started reading your blogs I have been following your blogs and no I haven’t been stalking you so no worry’s Sir. Lol!! Anyways back to the topic yes I seem to jump subjects lot when I’m talking or I’ll carry on about something. That kinda drives My Sir crazy a little bit cause the way the he looks at is what’s the need in the extra stuff which I understand but it’s like trying to break a baby from a bottle it’s a bad habit n it’s hard to break.. Lol!! As you just seen I did it to you my bad Sir.. But back to what I was saying at the beginning your blogs are the one’s I mainly read cause they actually inspired me the more i read of your blogs the more I wanted /had to read more into it. I have enjoy every step I have taken so far n I would love to continued this journey n new experience a lot more on.. I’m sure I could have a lot of questions for you but I’m not going to bother you with them right now.. Hmm about the assignment for use Sub I wouldn’t mind trying to do a few every now n then but I can’t guaranteed that I can do It all the but I wouldn’t mind a few believe me I can use more learning there is never to much learning for me.. I want to submit to him and to be the best Sub I can for him. He has taught me a lot and of course I have learned a lot read your blogs Sir. Hope to hear from you soon I look forward to talking to you again and learning something else from you Sir. Have a great day n Take care!! Thank You!!

  4. I have a twitter account that I don’t use. A family member has one she uses a lot and finds it excellent for real time quick fire stuff. Not my thing.

    I would be interested in movie reviews and task posts sound intriguing.

    How about: Sabbatical libation.

  5. I would certainly look forward to your posts on theology as well as the assignments both for submissives and dominates.

  6. I am not on Twitter or Facebook so no to that.

    Would love assignments that can help me grow to be a better submissive.

    Movie reviews? Sure!

  7. I am interested in bible study. Please can you give me your opinion on sex outside of marriage?

    • Theologically, I should note that the Bible says, basically, that sex outside marriage is a sin. You probably should not have sex outside of marriage, but if you intend to do so, do not choose your partner frivolously. The consequences can be quite serious, even without a pregnancy. Be careful. Be wise. Do not do it just to do it. You can control yourself.

      I believe Serendipity1972’s comment below is also intended for you.

      • What I actually want to know is, do you have sex outside of marriage?

        • Then you should have asked that in the first place. In any case, you have not earned the privilege of the answer to that question. (Though if you look about on this blog, you might find a clue.) Why do you want to know?

  8. Serendipity1972 Says:

    I had a child with someone out of marriage. I never wanted to marry him for good reasons. If I hadn’t had sex with him out of marriage I would not be a single Mum now. I think God had the right idea.

    You didn’t ask for my opinion but there it is!

  9. Thank you serendipity X
    Xajow – I want to know as it will help me to understand a situation I am going through at the moment. I am in a relationship (no sex before marriage) he is dominating in a very calm and natural way, I am submitting to him in a way I have not before. We are getting married (not first marriages) I want to ask him questions about his past! But do not want to be intrusive.
    I think I need to know what you do in the flesh, to help me understand him. I know you are different, and it may not actually relate. But it will help me. X

    • If you want to understand him, you should talk to him. You want to understand him without bugging him about his past. But I cannot help you with that. I am not your Dominant. I believe you should talk to him about your concerns. Yes, this may seem difficult and/or frightening, but it will only be that if you let it. Also, one piece of advice I try to pass along to submissives is that your understanding is not required. You are not going to understand everything about your Dominant. And you do not need to. What is needed: trust, love and faith.

      To be clear, both you and your Dominant should have trust, love and faith in each other. Which means in part, you do not need to try to find sneaky ways to understand him. What you should do is communicate with him. Let him know your concerns. Were I a betting man, I would bet your Dominant wants to know your concerns. And I am certain he will be able to reassure you far better than I ever could.

      If he is a good man and a good Dominant, he does not want you to be afraid to talk to him. He wants you to open up to him so he can care for you and make you feel safe. So trust him and talk to him. Tell him what you want to know. Tell him why you are anxious about talking to him about it. That kind of conversation is how you will learn to understand your Dominant more.

  10. I might be new to commenting, but I’m not that new to your blog. Dare I say you are one of my most interesting methods of procrastination?

    I’m neither timid nor nervous, however I was slightly ambivalent about answering, but then you did ask so nicely.

    First of all, as far as twitter goes, it’s neither bad nor good, it just has more of a specific target audience than say facebook, I rather think it more suitable for people under a social spot light, like actors, singers, or producers. That being said, my favourite people to follow on twitter are authors (you never get bored with them). I’d tell you to first check if your followers have a twitter account so they’ll follow your tweets and second of all if during the day you feel like telling us small stuff that wouldn’t be long enough for a blog post, but then I also want to tell you that if you don’t get a twitter account you’re dead to me *joking*. Why not just get one and give it a drive test for a week or two, you can always delete it afterwards. As far as the benefits (for you) of twitter go, I have no idea, but I sure know it’d be nice to read it and that I would definitely follow your tweets.

    I’ll have to pass on the second one since I’m more of an analytical person than anything whimsical and I couldn’t come up with anything even remotely creative (you did say you had an idea so kudos for that).

    Is it a bit nerdy that the thing I’m most excited about in this post is the promise of movie reviews? I’ve been wanting to get into classic movies for some time now, but unfortunately I believe it to be an acquired taste that I have yet to acquire, ergo I’d be really thankful for the boost in the right direction. Aside from the resonant yes, my only other input here would be for you to let us know beforehand what movie you intend to review (maybe using a tweet, *hint* *hint*) that way we can watch it before reading your input on it.

    Coming in a close second are the assignments and that is because I don’t really know if it’s for me or not since I’ve only ever just read about the D/s scene. On the other hand, a minor pen-pal assignment might be just what newbies like me need to figure it out. I also think you already have some ideas for this thread (since it was the only part of your post in which the question was implied) and it would be a shame to see them go to waste.

    As “reward” (*jk* i hate how you have to specify that when writing) for my input I’d like you to consider answering two questions. First of all why the preference for older language/movies (aren’t you quite young *might have stalked your blog* *whistles*)? And second of all, why do you keep apologising for asking someone’s opinion (I might be wrong here – hence the newbie comment, but how does being a dom make you not eligible for our opinion? Don’t doms frequently silently ask for their submissives’ opinion?)

    I think this comment exceeds my quota of English words for the day so I’m going to stop here.

    P.S: although not an unknown or hard word, I found myself proud of using ambivalent in a sentence, until I realized it might have subconsciously been stuck in my brain from your post *damnit*

    • Welcome to Liberate One.

      Why the preference for older language? I guess you mean my non-politically correct use of pronouns. Because I prefer it.

      Why the preference for older movies? Because I watch a lot of older movies, and there are websites galore of jabber about films of the past dozen years or so.

      Aren’t I quite young? Not as young as I once was.

      Why do I keep apologizing for asking for someone else’s opinion? Was I? That was not my intention. The situation is this: there are pseudo-Doms out there who think alpha males don’t ask for help, and there are anti-male Dom folks out there who think all male Doms are just mean jerks. I try, as well as I am able, to thumb my nose at the pseudo-Doms and the anti-male Dom folks. But in a nice way, of course. (I could be mean about it, but being nice just makes it irk them all the more.)

      How does being a Dom make me not eligible for the opinions of others? It doesn’t (see the reply to the previous question).

      Don’t Doms frequently silently ask for their submissives’ opinion? Not sure what you mean by silently. Frequently, perhaps not. But it does happen, yes.

      And for the record, that was more than two questions.

  11. Xajow,

    I am inspired by your new direction and your topics. I believe that the theological element is an interesting as well as important topic. I personally will look forward to reading it. Of course the Dominant and submissive assignment posts will have my interest…

    As for the twitter account… I have one for and LK has one for and to be honest the only followers are other bloggers with twitter accounts. I am not sure how effective they are with an automatic content feed.

    Kindest regards,

    Mr Fox

    • Mr. Fox,

      Thank you. The theology posts are something I have been trying to work out for some time. I wanted to find the right way to do them, and I hope I have. Time will tell.

      Your comment about Twitter confirms my decision that, at least for now, a Twitter account would not be a sufficient benefit to me.

      I should have an assignment for submissives posted sometime in the next few days. And possibly one for Dominants as a follow up. Should be interesting to see how this plays out.


  12. misbehavin Says:

    Dear Mr. X.
    I agree “twitter may not be sufficient for now”, I am not big on technology …It seems a phase though,in society.
    I would enjoy a movie mantra I would really appreciate exposure to titles I never knew existed and or types of movies I may have shied away from.
    Your “bible study” -Tittle-Teacher thought of the song “hot for teacher”
    People write long stories to you… I enjoy your responses mostly I skim through theirs, I imagine your voice steady and reassuring. Thank you.

  13. Oh I see now I have read further… Your tittle is MUCH better! Spiritual Discipline. That’s why you write the blog though.
    Thank You

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